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Map.png Star System 17

(2 votes)

A nice map, with Asteriod Enclosed Areas, small and one Big planet in the middle.

 Sonic14 2005-07-04   61.74 KB 316 Comments: 2

Map.png Star System 18

(0 votes)

The Next Map of the Star System Series by Sonic14 this is number 18.

 Sonic14 2005-07-15   82.84 KB 372 Comments: 0

Map.png Starsystem 14

(0 votes)

A rather cool map that appears to have a black hole t its center

 Sonic14 2005-06-30   47.77 KB 318 Comments: 0

Map.png System JL5 1.0

(1 vote)

This is a map I made of a random star system I thought up. It has 6 planets, with a few dilithium moons each.

 ECL 2008-05-14   66.30 KB 304 Comments: 0

Map.png System Z

(0 votes)

A Map that looks like..ummm the letter Z

 Pinky 2005-06-03   36.50 KB 356 Comments: 0

Map.png Team Assimilation

(7 votes)

A good 4 player map. I tried it out and it worked fine.

 Kardon 2003-09-03   39.32 KB 375 Comments: 0

Map.png Terran Warfare

(1 vote)

Now this is a novel map concept. In one corner of the map there's a 'transwarp generator' that takes you to a protected area within the map which exis…

 ISS_Enterprise_D 2009-06-18   59.58 KB 246 Comments: 6

Map.png The Galaxy (Map)

(4 votes)

Well, this is a basic map of the Galaxy (Quadrants seperated by Asteriods). Though it's a good idea, and shows creativity, it could use some work.

 Cungi 2006-08-10   133.88 KB 621 Comments: 3

Map.png The Gatekeepers

(1 vote)

THis map is divided into top and bottom, seperated by asteriods, and the pathway between them is heavily guarded with turrets, mothers, rift makers, a…

 Data-11thFleet 2002-07-16   48.25 KB 605 Comments: 0

Map.png The Maze

(2 votes)

The Maze Map by Pinky.

 Pinky 2005-05-22   35.99 KB 295 Comments: 0