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CelestalBody.png Apocalypse Planets

(5 votes)

A great set of textures here, get this file if you're as sick as me of seeing horrible stock planets

 Transmission 2005-05-16   3.34 MB 1,758 Comments: 12

CelestalBody.png Asteroid Field

(5 votes)

This is an Asteroid field for Armada II. It comes with odf / sod / textures. It looks rather detailed with a lot of small asteroids surrounding larger…

 Yacuzza 2005-10-12   759.35 KB 1,369 Comments: 7

CelestalBody.png Asteroid Mining Base

(5 votes)

This is a mining base on an asteroid, another great work from Raab

 Micheal Raab 2002-09-18   500.11 KB 1,404 Comments: 2

CelestalBody.png Asteroid Turret

(3 votes)

Kind of like the one seen in Star Wars, this is a nice replica by Raab.

 Micheal Raab 2002-09-18   242.25 KB 1,198 Comments: 1

CelestalBody.png Astroid Z-71

(2 votes)

This adds a little more realism into the game by have a single large floating astroid and you are able to mine on it too

 Twitch 2002-06-07   90.59 KB 1,103 Comments: 0

CelestalBody.png Badland Tornado

(6 votes)

Rewrite: This is a Badlands version of a Black Hole (or equivalent). I would assume that it does the same thing as your standard Black Hole, being to…

 Medafusion 2007-05-21   281.02 KB 780 Comments: 6

CelestalBody.png Best Planet Mod

(8 votes)

This is the best planet mod out there. Why? The planets look beautiful, I didnt mess up your game by presumming to know what was best for other people…

 tyranus 2005-07-20   2.40 MB 2,075 Comments: 9

CelestalBody.png Black Hole

(7 votes)

A interesting new design for a black hole...

 Micheal Raab 2002-09-10   115.09 KB 505 Comments: 1

CelestalBody.png Black Hole

(13 votes)

We've seen a couple new black hole models in the past little while-- this one from FahreS looks really good.

 FahreS @ -=WiCKeD=-HARKER 2009-05-13   794.69 KB 804 Comments: 19

CelestalBody.png Borg Planets

(8 votes)

This contains 2 zip files which each have there own borg planet in them.

 Cmndr_Parker 2002-07-08   1.55 MB 2,322 Comments: 4