Astroid Z-71 Astroid Z-71

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Twitch, 2002-06-07

This adds a little more realism into the game by have a single large floating astroid and you are able to mine on it too


I finally made a mine-able asteroid using Neon\'s .sod from A1. Z-71 works in A2. The asteroid has 24,000 metal, 32,000 biomatter AND 50,000 dilithium PLUS 3,000 latinum! When placed on the map it makes its own weird orbit but all ships can mine from it. Borg ships automatically pull out metal and all others can get dilithium and latinum from it. To mine latinum your freighter must mine latinum from a normal nebula 1st and then be directed to mine it from the asteroid. Once it has mined latinum it automatically mines it from the asteroid. Species 8472 must 1st mine biomatter or latinum from a planet then be directed to mine it from the asteroid where it will continue automatically. If you don\'t direct the freighters to mine biomatter and latinum another place 1st they\'ll just mine dilithium.

I have not been able to allow it to accept an orbital station yet so unless you modify your ships to mine metal all you\'ll get is dilithium. I tried putting weapons on it as seen in the ast.odf but no luck so far.

Here are the 6 files- where they go & what they do:
e_planet.odf goes in the odf/other folder and gives you another \"named planet\" tool tip in Mapedit as F3 after you hit F10 for planets.
ep_named1.odf goes in the odf/other folder and shows Z-71 under F1.
ast.odf goes in the odf/stations & is equal in use to the planet.odf but is specific to Z-71.
Resourcez-71.odf goes in the odf/other folder and assigns resources to the asteroid.
Z-71.odf will go in the odf/stations folder.
Z-71.sod goes in the sod folder.

There are no texture .tgas since it uses Master1.tga & Master2.tga for asteroids already in the game.

You can modify and use this in any mod. I don\'t care about credit, just have fun!

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