Badland Tornado Badland Tornado

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Medafusion, 2007-05-21

Rewrite: This is a Badlands version of a Black Hole (or equivalent). I would assume that it does the same thing as your standard Black Hole, being to destroy ships with disabled engines.

Whilst it would get much use, other than once knocked out the oppositions engines, this does add to the map environment, especially when playing a map with badlands backgrounds.

- Ash

Hello All

Well this is a Badland tornado that will be in my mod Peaceful Generations.

What this features
1 Animated Badland Tornado

For more updates about Peaceful Generations visit

Errors in the tornado.
None that i know of. small flaw when you look at the top or bottom of it's messed up.

You may use this in your mod without contacting me of course I would not mind getting a e-mail to see what this is in :D.

Texture by me- Medafusion
sod was a fusion of 2 stock blackholes

um donuts and pie?


What else will i be releasing soon?
Borg Cubes (p.g. ver's) (Peaceful Generation versions)
Xindi Primate Cruiser (as seen in Enterprise)
Borg Sphere Yard (bascially 3 rings just rotating) (idk bout this one having a problem with it)
Maybe a Constitution Class with rotating forward Nacelle parts.

Place the textures in the rgb folder in your STA2 directory
place all odf's in ur other odf file in your STA2 directory
all sod's in the sod folder
if you need help just ask on the forums or leave a comment in the comment section.

This file is in no way connected to, or affiliated with Activision,
its employees, representatives, consortiums, or other persons or
companies associated with it. Therefore, the creators of this file,
Activision, and it's subsidiares take no responsibilty for harm this
file may do to your computer.

Any qu's can be directed to


oh and happy 5th anniversary cheers to many many more :D

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#1 Achilles 2007-05-21 13:45
hmmm, it says badlands tornado, not torpedo. I am thinking it's just a celestial body Ash.
#2 Chiletrek 2007-05-21 14:05

An awesome job, very needed if we want to re-enact key events of the Trek history (like the USS Voyager first mission), and canon additions are always welcome :D
#3 meda 2007-05-21 15:54
acts as the black hole basically never really got around tp make it that much differerent from a reguler black hole
#4 Transmission 2007-05-22 12:39
You are right Achilles, it is a Tornado, and not a Torpedo :lol: It was late when I added this file, I do apologise for that.

It has been sorted anyway, I re-wrote the description, and have changed the file category. :-)
#5 Achilles 2007-05-23 06:18
never apologise for doing what you do... no one pays you ;-)
#6 qovoH 2010-03-04 19:04
Just wondering where I may find that badlands background texture in the screen shots, can't have the tornado without the backdrop just doesn't feel right.

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