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CelestalBody.png Planet Purdumas - Class J

(1 vote)

A gas giant with white and purple gases and if you look hard enough you can find an eye.

 Rassilon 2002-06-07   101.77 KB 613 Comments: 0

CelestalBody.png Planet Rocyloycola - Class L

(0 votes)

Filled with multple cracks and fractures this planet looks as if all water was taken off of it except for what survived in the atmosphere.

 Rassilon 2002-06-07   132.97 KB 604 Comments: 0

CelestalBody.png Planet Rossmar - Class D

(0 votes)

A dark rockey planet with an un-inhabitable atmosphere. This replaces the default D class planet in armada 2

 Rassilon 2002-06-07   219.16 KB 607 Comments: 0

CelestalBody.png Planet Sreedvokalus - Class M

(1 vote)

A planet with a large ocean covering most of it with a few desert islands This replaces the default M class planet from armada 2

 Rassilon 2002-06-07   187.13 KB 590 Comments: 0

CelestalBody.png Planet Velver

(0 votes)

This is a mostly purple planet with a few tan spots near the equator.

 Rassilon 2002-06-07   201.17 KB 596 Comments: 0

CelestalBody.png Planet Venus 1.0

(6 votes)

It's not often we see a celestial body. This one's the planet Venus. Note that this will overwrite the stock Venus (not that you see it terribly often…

 scimifan 2008-11-25   216.55 KB 669 Comments: 1

CelestalBody.png Planet Vespul Maximus - Class J

(1 vote)

This planet has multiple waves of light purple and blue making a very peaceful looking gas giant.

 Rassilon 2002-06-07   77.45 KB 634 Comments: 0

CelestalBody.png Planet Vulcan - Class H

(3 votes)

An excellent depiction of Planet Vulcan, Looks straight from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

 Rassilon 2002-06-07   165.45 KB 931 Comments: 4

CelestalBody.png Planet Zepramattle - Class K

(0 votes)

This planet looks like a golden orb floating in space. Almost like the one the probes uses in Star Trek IV: Voyage Home except that one is grey.

 Rassilon 2002-06-07   173.42 KB 620 Comments: 0

CelestalBody.png Planetary Rings

(5 votes)

Installation basically involves copying these files to their respective locations; refer to the 2install.txt file for details.

 Slider17 2005-03-11   1.13 MB 1,186 Comments: 11