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CelestalBody.png Planet Earth - Class M

(4 votes)

This replaces the default M class Planet with one that looks like earth.

 Rassilon 2002-06-07   267.25 KB 1,271 Comments: 2

CelestalBody.png Planet Gemus Val - Class K

(2 votes)

This planet is covered in a pink, brown and purple waves and will replace the default k class planet in armada 2

 Rassilon 2002-06-07   179.83 KB 622 Comments: 0

CelestalBody.png Planet Goldum - Class J

(0 votes)

This planet looks as if made up of a orangish gas and when installed will replace the default J class panet in Armada 2

 Rassilon 2002-06-07   89.98 KB 588 Comments: 0

CelestalBody.png Planet Merva - Class M

(0 votes)

This planet looks as it is a crystal ball an dwill replace the default M class planet in Armada 2

 Rassilon 2002-06-07   254.27 KB 610 Comments: 0

CelestalBody.png Planet Mesuran - Class M

(1 vote)

Looks like it is covered in thick red and green vegatation and filled with varius lake.

 Rassilon 2002-06-07   199.11 KB 615 Comments: 0

CelestalBody.png Planet Mot - Class L

(0 votes)

This planet is coered in a think red vegatation with large rivers running through it..

 Rassilon 2002-06-07   132.52 KB 603 Comments: 0

CelestalBody.png Planet Oberon - Class M

(1 vote)

A very colorful planet of pinks to greens. This will replace the default M calss planet in armada 2

 Rassilon 2002-06-07   254.68 KB 589 Comments: 0

CelestalBody.png Planet Overmadul - Class M

(1 vote)

A flat, largely vegitated pplanet with a few large blue lakes. This planet replaces the default M class from armada 2

 Rassilon 2002-06-07   227.26 KB 631 Comments: 0

CelestalBody.png Planet Preedum - Class D

(0 votes)

This gives a little new color to the boring class D. It will replace the default class D in armada 2

 Rassilon 2002-06-07   249.90 KB 581 Comments: 0

CelestalBody.png Planet Presus - Class J

(0 votes)

A Gas giant made up of methane and other gases. This replaces teh default J class planet in Armada 2

 Rassilon 2002-06-07   117.13 KB 627 Comments: 0