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CelestalBody.png Build-n-Mine

(9 votes)

Build, then Mine a Planet (M Class) by the looks of this. - SSA

 ArcherScott 2006-02-24   302.33 KB 1,037 Comments: 5

CelestalBody.png Cardassia Prime

(1 vote)

The cardasssian home world is now in your hands. You must protect the home world!

 Cmndr_Parker 2002-07-08   574.95 KB 1,141 Comments: 0

CelestalBody.png Chiletrek's Dilithium Moon

(3 votes)

Gives you the option of using a diffrent dilithium moon in the map editor.

 Chiletrek 2003-04-05   49.08 KB 1,034 Comments: 5

CelestalBody.png Chris5110uk2k's Planets

(2 votes)

Nice planet designs from Chris5110uk2k.

 chris5110uk2k 2002-09-25   1.65 MB 928 Comments: 0

CelestalBody.png Chris5110uk2k's Planets V2

(2 votes)

Chris5110uk2k made some improvements on the planet textures, and added improved Borg Assimilation support.

 chris5110uk2k 2002-09-26   1.53 MB 1,270 Comments: 0

CelestalBody.png Class D

(0 votes)

Great looking class D planet. The is more of a dusty planet then the games default and is covere with nicely done craters

 Micheal Raab 2002-07-14   344.14 KB 934 Comments: 0

CelestalBody.png Class H

(0 votes)

The planet's texture was done with great care and this planet's detail great to see in armada 2

 Micheal Raab 2002-07-14   238.37 KB 831 Comments: 0

CelestalBody.png Class jiii

(1 vote)

Nice Dusty/Gassy Planet and brings some need color to the darkness of space

 Micheal Raab 2002-06-07   328.41 KB 835 Comments: 0

CelestalBody.png Class W Planetoid

(2 votes)

This is a rare celestial body download for you. The Class W planetoid is something like Pluto or a Class D planet without many resources.

 adm_tyler 2008-06-16   342.22 KB 781 Comments: 4

CelestalBody.png Class Y

(2 votes)

This is a planet that looks similiar to a Class D, but with lava and volcanic activity

 Micheal Raab 2002-08-01   345.49 KB 1,056 Comments: 1