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ModelStarbase.png Temporal Starbase Armada 2 Demo

(3 votes)

The Temporal Starbase uses the basic odf file of the Temporal research facility.

 Anonymous 2010-12-06   3.91 KB 404 Comments: 10

ModelStarbase.png The Two Towers

(8 votes)

Here are two new shipyards for the Federation.

 vt1032 2004-02-12   1.73 MB 1,537 Comments: 4

ModelStarbase.png Tractorable Turret

(10 votes)

Nice small mod that will allow you to move your turret easily with the help of a construction ship! - conceptfuture -------------------------- W…

 The Great One 2003-05-04   18.95 KB 1,937 Comments: 6

ModelStarbase.png Turnstile (Contest Winner)

(18 votes)

Some time back in the midst of 2007, a contest was announced and...time perhaps got a bit out of control and all whirly and obscure.

 FahreS @ -=WiCKeD=-HARKER 2008-01-28   2.78 MB 1,069 Comments: 13

ModelStarbase.png Turret Base

(5 votes)

Now this is an idea I truly love. Take your average Federation research centre, make it build able after your research station and research turrets! T…

 delta_dids 2007-05-07   35.96 KB 506 Comments: 5

ModelStarbase.png Unity Starbase 1.1

(5 votes)

This file fixes the ODF problems with extra mod ships and textures.

 Dragon Master 2004-09-09   2.29 KB 1,034 Comments: 1

ModelStarbase.png Utopia Stations 1

(3 votes)

Hi there, Here are my models of the Utopia Planitia Space Station and its Variant which some of you know from the Star Trek Legacy game.

 shadow_from_afc 2014-06-17   8.53 MB 443 Comments: 0

ModelStarbase.png Utopia Stations

(12 votes)

This is a fancy little package, which gives you the Utopia Planitia Stations, seen orbiting Mars in I believe one of the Voyager episodes (it may have…

 Chiletrek 2007-07-01   394.12 KB 1,313 Comments: 11

ModelStarbase.png Warning buoy

(1 vote)

A small Warning buoy that can be added to a neutral AI team (preferably team 0 and close to the danger itself) to provide a warning and remind people…

 adm_tyler 2011-01-13   722.13 KB 502 Comments: 0

ModelStarbase.png Wormhole Generator

(8 votes)

What's better then one wormhole generator? I can tell you. It's this mod. Simply put, it gives you "module's" of wormhole construction pieces so you c…

 Paul 2006-01-23   143.15 KB 1,580 Comments: 7