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ModelStarbase.png Bryan's Remmlar Array

(9 votes)

Captain Fingers' is a bit better, but this is still a decent station.

 Bryan 2002-10-26   84.39 KB 734 Comments: 1

ModelStarbase.png Copernicus Station

(10 votes)

This is the Copernicus station by shadow_from_afc as seen in 'Star Trek: Borg Invasion 4D' (USA) / 'Star Trek: Borg Encounter' (Germany).

 shadow_from_afc 2007-10-12   2.34 MB 1,482 Comments: 7

ModelStarbase.png Deep Space Mining Station

(9 votes)

Deap Space Mining Station for federation side. Beautiful Station, Must Download.

 Yacuzza 2005-07-08   1.33 MB 2,254 Comments: 11

ModelStarbase.png Earth Defense Platform 1.0

(4 votes)

This is a defense platform with it's own speical weapons. It uses the ever-popular spacedock model, and it's made up to face up to the tatical fusion…

 Aurrin 2004-09-23   364.31 KB 4,068 Comments: 5

ModelStarbase.png FahreS' Shipyard Package

(27 votes)

Here is the much awaited shipyard package from FahreS. A nice set of brand new stations (one of which I am using myself in Zero Hour) - Even the pro's…

 FahreS @ -=WiCKeD=-HARKER 2006-12-04   1.63 MB 1,813 Comments: 0

ModelStarbase.png Fed Transwarp gate

(8 votes)

Simply modded Transwarp gate for the feds - however it still resembles the borg one - and goes over the temporal station.

 Unknown / Anonymous 2003-02-13   51.18 KB 952 Comments: 3

ModelStarbase.png Federatation Defensive Satellite

(13 votes)

Raab does it again, this time with a defensive satellite that has two torps and one pulse phaser.

 Micheal Raab 2002-12-23   182.39 KB 4,334 Comments: 4

ModelStarbase.png Federation advanced yard 1.0

(3 votes)

Federation advanced yard by Aad Moerman This is my version of the Federation advanced yard.

 Aad Moerman 2010-03-12   2.14 MB 899 Comments: 5

ModelStarbase.png Federation Artificial Portal

(13 votes)

Nice version of a transwarp type gate - another great design from vt1032

 vt1032 2003-03-22   235.50 KB 1,914 Comments: 14

ModelStarbase.png Federation Base Mod 1.0

(5 votes)

This makes the Station a bit better and includes that you can build venture class scouts from it.

 Luke20 2004-03-15   6.59 KB 1,468 Comments: 10