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ModelStarbase.png "New Federation Base"

(12 votes)

This is a basic edit of a federation base that was origonaly created by Achilles.

 Bread4311 2005-09-17   1.07 MB 3,004 Comments: 15

ModelStarbase.png Advanced Federation Turret

(7 votes)

Heres a cool Federatrion turret for adding into your game, I think I might replace my BI2 turret with this, good job Dr.

 Dr. Slim 2005-01-26   172.42 KB 4,315 Comments: 6

ModelStarbase.png Advanced Mining Station

(4 votes)

Ever build a mining station on the front-lines, far away from your staging grounds, only for it to be taken down in a quick attack? Well the Romulans…

 Andyx100 2007-09-21   321.76 KB 1,481 Comments: 3

ModelStarbase.png Ambush Class - Offensive Yard

(31 votes)

Here is FahreS' moveable/offensive fleetyard known as the "Ambush Class". It's quite a cool concept to have a mobile Fleetyard - makes tactics quite…

 FahreS @ -=WiCKeD=-HARKER 2007-07-22   1.16 MB 1,309 Comments: 15

ModelStarbase.png Antaries Shipyard

(10 votes)

This is pretty much the same as the San Francisco Shipyard, just a few small cosmetic changes.

 Captain Fingers 2002-10-27   237.33 KB 2,480 Comments: 5

ModelStarbase.png Antimatter Mine

(11 votes)

This mine is handy to use since it is so small and many ships will be lost at its doom.

 Micheal Raab 2002-06-10   53.04 KB 2,108 Comments: 1

ModelStarbase.png Apocalypse DS9 with Defiant

(11 votes)

This file is a very accurate reproduction of Deep Space Nine complete with a new defiant.

 Transmission 2005-05-16   1.46 MB 4,588 Comments: 11

ModelStarbase.png Apocalypse Federation Shipyards

(7 votes)

Very nice shipyards here to replace those stock yards which we all know and hate.

 Transmission 2005-06-06   1.12 MB 4,005 Comments: 15

ModelStarbase.png AVM|Prototype Yard Final

(12 votes)

This completely fixes the old yard, and adds the wireframe, and build button.

 Ted H 2002-10-27   41.00 KB 3,787 Comments: 12

ModelStarbase.png AVM|Prototype Yard Beta

(6 votes)

This will allow all avm ships to be built at a new shipyard, the Prototype yard, it currently is set up to test the ablative armor, and Serinax Cloaki…

 Ted H 2002-10-27   27.52 KB 1,552 Comments: 2