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ModelStarbase.png new Federation starbase and repair ship

(7 votes)

This folder contains my version of the federation starbase and repairship. The station now looks like a mixture of the stock base and the starbase, t…

 Aad Moerman 2010-10-19   3.32 MB 794 Comments: 13

ModelStarbase.png Nova Class Outpost

(12 votes)

This is an excellently designed station that repairs and builds ships ingame.

 Micheal Raab 2002-11-30   276.59 KB 2,645 Comments: 4

ModelStarbase.png NY Space Station

(12 votes)

This is a rather unique-looking station that functions as a orbital starbase.

 vt1032 2002-09-10   506.83 KB 1,217 Comments: 0

ModelStarbase.png Orbital Mining Station (Contest Runner up)

(2 votes)

Although my favourite of the entries, democracy sometimes plots against you and this unique design from Ragnar really shows off how far humans have co…

 ragnar603 2008-01-28   131.69 KB 538 Comments: 6

ModelStarbase.png Outposts (Contest Runner up)

(6 votes)

Whilst the other two entries in the contest vouched for single releases, Shadow has praised us with three types of outposts.

 shadow_from_afc 2008-01-28   7.70 MB 1,019 Comments: 6

ModelStarbase.png Polaris Starbase (also for demo) 1.0

(2 votes)

This is a new strange, snowflake-shaped station for the Federation, armed with one phaser emitter and a quantum torpedo launcher.

 Thermal_Nuclear_Chicken 2008-05-02   89.60 KB 622 Comments: 12

ModelStarbase.png Quantum Turret

(17 votes)

It's all in the title really - obvious!!

 Unknown / Anonymous 2003-03-17   7.81 KB 2,049 Comments: 9

ModelStarbase.png Regula Laboratory V2

(7 votes)

An Exellent model, as always, by Captian Fingers

 Captain Fingers 2002-10-21   532.55 KB 1,746 Comments: 7

ModelStarbase.png Remmlar Array Mining Station

(6 votes)

This is the Remmlar Array that used Baryon sweeps to clear out organic junk in systems.

 Captain Fingers 2002-10-25   221.19 KB 685 Comments: 2

ModelStarbase.png Repair Yard

(12 votes)

Federation yard- from future tense - looks good - download!

 Phantom 2003-02-11   110.35 KB 3,001 Comments: 14