Advanced Mining Station Advanced Mining Station

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Andyx100, 2007-09-21

Ever build a mining station on the front-lines, far away from your staging grounds, only for it to be taken down in a quick attack? Well the Romulans will think twice the next time they attempt a sneak sniping attack on your mining ops, if you have this baby in your ranks. This advanced mining station has got impressive defence capabilities (along with it's Type XI Phasers);

  • Sensor Jammer - it may be Romulan but if you can suck in enough enemy ships to attack your mining base this weapon can render them useless in combat giving you a perfect chance to ambush them with a Fleet hiding somewhere nearby.
  • Shield Emitter - If your Fleet fails miserably in ambushing the Romulans give them a blast of this Smile
  • Corbomite Reflector - The Torpedo stopper. This will ensure you last considerable and sustained attacks by superior forces.

Cool mod, keep up the good work andyx100 Thumbsup


Modder: andyx100

Hi again people i have another mod for ya i have upgraded the federation
mining station with Type XI defencive phaser a corbomite reflector, shield
emiter and sensor jammer.

Installation instruction:
Just copy the odf files into odf folders

This mod is in no way licenced by activition.

My disclaimer:
You can edit and redistribute the mod.

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#1 ameba 2007-09-21 12:19
andy, thanx for the effort and i dont wanna spoil your fun BUT

now that you have shown us that you can tweak ODFs - why not move on to something more advanced? adding special weapons or upgrading shields ect can be done by almost everyone here - the reason that those mods arent on this site is just that not everything that can be done has to be published as a mod. otherwise we would just drown in peanut-moddings. there are fantastic tutorials for dl here that can show you how to be really creative.
#2 jlp47at 2007-09-23 17:47
This is 8) sending a Mining Station out near the front lines is possible now! :-)
#3 Oxygen_Thief 2009-06-22 07:26
HELP! Is anyone esle having this problem? The only speccial weapon my Advanced Mining Station has in the game and as a special weapon button) is the Corbomite Reflector. The Shield Emitter and Sensor Jammer don't show up at all or ever get used. I've tried fixing it, I even set the weaponhardpoints to the same set as the Corbomite Relfector but they still don't show up. Please help.

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