Ambush Class - Offensive Yard Ambush Class - Offensive Yard

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FahreS @ -=WiCKeD=-HARKER, 2007-07-22

Here is FahreS' moveable/offensive fleetyard known as the "Ambush Class".

It's quite a cool concept to have a mobile Fleetyard - makes tactics quite fun (just imagine parking the yard outside your enemy's base and building your attack fleet from there Smile). I guess when the going gets tough you can always move the shipyard to a safer location or as I stated above use it as a mobile frontline repair base and a staging grounds for attacks (It can build a nice range of ships including the Sovereign).

The model itself is quite impressive especially the animiation physics . The shipyard compresses itself when ordered to move location morphing itself into a very cool ship - kinda looks like a capital gunship when in this mode. It's combat speed and impulse speed are comparable to the normal speeds for a battleship thus it can move quite sharply so it is quite balanced.

As for the model's quality, the textures and the detail are superb. This is one of the best mods i've seen in a while , without a doubt. Definately worth having this in your game. Smile


-Offensive Yard-


-Information about this MOD
-Installation instructions


You have NO permission to change the model and other content and/or to release them.
Ask me for authorisation: e-mail or ICQ-UIN (both under Contact).

The Copyright of the 3D-Model, the textures, pictures and everything coming with this Mod is by me.


1. Animation
2. Lightmaps
3. Rotated HardPoints
4. Wireframe, Build Button, Admirals Pic
5. Moveable Yard
6. 3D-Borgtextures

Information about this MOD:

This MOD contains an offensive yard,
which is 100% made and designed by me
and everything else which you need to install this ship.

The category: "Model-information" has more details.

Installation instructions

1. Copy the files:


in your Armada directory to "...\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\SOD"


INFORMATION: Ignore the file "fwmwerft.odf"
BUT rename "fwmwerft_EN.odf" to "fwmwerft.odf"

in your Armada directory to "...\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\odf\ships"


in your Armada directory to "...\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\odf\other"


in your Armada directory to "...\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\Textures\RGB"


in your Armada directory to "...\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\bitmaps\AdmiralsLog\ShipImages"

2. Choose a construction ship, which should build this yard.
The stock construction ship of the federation is fconst.odf and is located here:
"...\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\odf\ships"

-Open fconst.odf with your Windows Texteditor (Notepad) or another Program like this.
Have a look for the text:

buildItem11 = "ftrading"
buildItem12 = "fupgrade"

-Write under this entry: buildItem13 = "fwmwerft"

INFORMATION: If there is allready an entry with buildItem13, then choose an other ship, because this is full.

-Save the file and close it.

3.-Choose the directory: "...\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\techtree".
Open the file "" with the Windows Texteditor and search "fbattle.odf 0".
-Write under this entry:

fwmwerft.odf 0

-Save the file and close it.

-Do not change the directory but open the file "" with the Texteditor.
Search following Entry:

fspecial.odf 2 fyard2.odf fresear2.odf // special (nebula class)

-Write under this entry:

fwmwerft.odf 0

-Save the file and close it.

4.-Choose the directory: "...\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\Sprites".
open the file "gui_global.spr" with the Windows Texteditor.
Have a look for the entry:

b_fmining gbfmining 0 0 64 64
b_fsensor gbfsensor 0 0 64 64

-Write under this entry:

b_fwmwerft fwmwerftgb 0 0 64 64

-Search in the same file the entry:

fupgradew1 fedwireframe07 0 192 48 48
fupgradew2 fedwireframe07 48 192 48 48
fupgradew3 fedwireframe07 96 192 48 48
fupgradew4 fedwireframe07 144 192 48 48
fupgradew5 fedwireframe07 192 192 48 48

-Write under this entry:

fwmwerftw1 fwmwerftwf 160 0 80 80
fwmwerftw2 fwmwerftwf 0 80 80 80
fwmwerftw3 fwmwerftwf 80 80 80 80
fwmwerftw4 fwmwerftwf 80 0 80 80
fwmwerftw5 fwmwerftwf 0 0 80 80

-Save the file and close it.



Polys: 1772
Hardpoints: 29 (build & hp01-hp28)
High resolution textures: yes
3D-Borgtextures: yes
2D-Borgtextures: no
Wireframe: yes
Buildbutton: yes
ShipImage: yes
SOD by me: yes
adapted ODF: yes
adapted physik: yes
New Weapons by me: none
Special-Weapons by me: none
Lightmaps: yes
Animation: yes
Glows: no
New Names: yes

Questions to:
ICQ: 148686453

This file is in no way connected to, or affiliated with Activision,
its employees, representatives, consortiums, or other persons or
companies associated with it. Therefore, the creator of this file,
Activision, and it's subsidiares take no responsibilty for harm this
file may do to your computer.

Have fun with this Yard!

FahreS @ -=WiCKeD=-HARKER

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#11 FahreS 2007-07-23 09:00
yes the scaleSOD command doest work right with any animated ships or stations,

thats why I wrote in the odf file that you shouldnt change it.
#12 Talyn2k5 2007-07-26 14:08
I`ve been looking for a reason to reinstall Armada for a while and congratulations, this shipyard gave me that reason.

Now I need to catch up on all the rest of the mods that have come out since January and install those too!
#13 chris_hotrod2000 2007-07-27 21:59
I love this yard and hope it works great. Since it is so hard to find Armada II I downloaded the Demo. Can I customize the demo at all or do i have to wait till I get the real version?
#14 ST_and_SW_Freak 2007-09-01 09:02
That looks like something Section 31 would use, if it was a little darker. But it's still AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100/10
#15 empire28 2007-10-14 14:55
10/10 this Rock :-)

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