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Model.png Klingon K'Vek Class Assault Cruiser

(3 votes)

Well, as it clearly states in the ReadMe, this one is from me. Expect to see a better K'Vek (renamed Kei'Veck) in Zero Hour, but until then, you Kling…

 Transmission 2007-03-16   2.20 MB 1,035 Comments: 11

Model.png Klingon K'vek cruiser

(1 vote)

K'vek strike cruiser by Aad Moerman THis my version of the Klingon k'vek class strike cruiser of Armada II.

 Aad Moerman 2011-07-20   3.84 MB 393 Comments: 0

Model.png Klingon Military Freighter v1.1

(2 votes)

This re-texture of the Cardassian stock freighter is meant to represent the Klingon military freighter often seen in DS9.

 mishkaco 2008-05-12   298.55 KB 559 Comments: 3

Model.png Klingon Negh'var

(0 votes)

This is a rebuild of Deemons Negh'Var Class Warship. The model looks pretty much the same, as do the textures, but they're not.

 Aad Moerman 2007-04-02   524.58 KB 410 Comments: 0

Model.png Klingon Negh'var class Battleship 2.0

(10 votes)

A long time ago, Aad Moerman uploaded a Klingon battleship, the Negh'Var / Voodieh / call it what you want class.

 Aad Moerman 2008-12-30   3.69 MB 916 Comments: 6

Model.png Klingon Negh'Var Kitbashes

(2 votes)

I have declared march to be "Klingon Awareness Month" and so I'm sending you a package that contains 3 Klingon ships that I have made by kitbashing t…

 Pizza the Hutt 2006-03-03   386.13 KB 726 Comments: 4

Model.png Klingon Negh'var Pack

(5 votes)

This is a Negh'var class and Klingon Voodieh Variant in this pack from Supastarash.

 Transmission 2005-08-23   566.52 KB 1,251 Comments: 3

Model.png Klingon Raptor from enterprise 1

(2 votes)

Nice SFC3 port here --be aware of the poly count (over 3000!) when you're using this little puppy.

 mikemckeon007 2008-03-14   731.32 KB 660 Comments: 3

Model.png Klingon ship pack

(4 votes)

This folder contains the Klingon mining freighter, cargoship, colonyship, assaultship, repairship and constructionship.

 Aad Moerman 2011-09-21   6.96 MB 613 Comments: 0

Model.png Klingon Ship Pack

(11 votes)

A pack of five Klingon ships Avon had laying around. And if this is the stuff he's got "laying around", then I'm totally jealous! These ships are BEAU…

 Avon 2008-03-10   3.44 MB 1,037 Comments: 13