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Model.png Hydralask Class

(4 votes)

The second of Mpenny2's 4 Klingon ships, it's an interesting design, but like the first, texture could use work.

 MPenny2 2002-11-03   188.18 KB 869 Comments: 1

Model.png IKS Rotarran

(2 votes)

Another Hero Ships from seaquest3062 here, this time in the form of the Klingons, and the Rotarran (commanded by Worf).

 seaquest3062 2007-01-03   1.82 MB 665 Comments: 3

Model.png K't'inga Refit

(10 votes)

Well, this one is by me, so the ratings and such can be done by you. Discription more or less the same as in the ReadMe, its a ship that would come so…

 Transmission 2006-10-31   1.84 MB 947 Comments: 8

Model.png K'Tek by Dark

(6 votes)

K'Tek class ship by dark. Has 1070 Polies and one high-res Texture. This file contains the same ship for BOTH Armada 1 and 2, but the Filesize is stil…

 Dark 2003-09-07   418.82 KB 1,432 Comments: 12

Model.png K'Vargh by Aad Moerman

(2 votes)

This is the Klingon K'vargh class warship, a battlecruiser. According to Aad Moerman, this class of warship fits in between the Vor'cha and Negh'var,…

 Aad Moerman 2009-12-19   3.83 MB 581 Comments: 4

Model.png K'Vort

(5 votes)

According to the odf, this is a larger and more powerful varient of the Bird Of Prey.

 Cpt Geddes 2002-12-21   66.36 KB 1,309 Comments: 9

Model.png K23 - "Little Killer" Escort

(4 votes)

According to Terradhyne, this is one of his older pieces of work, but I do not truly beleive this is a problem.

 Terradyhne 2006-02-19   246.02 KB 738 Comments: 1

Model.png KA Sword of Kahless BB 1.0

(5 votes)

The Sword of Kahless is by far one of the largest Klingon warships ever built.

 starfox1701 2010-10-23   10.67 MB 554 Comments: 3

Model.png KDF C-9A "Heart of Kahless"

(8 votes)

One of the most impressive new Klingon vessels we've seen in a while for Armada II comes to us from Pepperman: The Klingon Defense Force C-9A Kahless…

 Pepperman 2009-03-01   9.94 MB 1,052 Comments: 6

Model.png Klingon Bat'leth class

(14 votes)

Now, I realize a lot of you out there are working on your own personal total conversion projects, and I'm sure it'll be the absolute last word in Arma…

 Wrath of Achilles 2008-01-02   1.21 MB 815 Comments: 15