Klingon Raptor from enterprise Klingon Raptor from enterprise

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mikemckeon007, 2008-03-14

Nice SFC3 port here --be aware of the poly count (over 3000!) when you're using this little puppy.

The Klingon Empire seems to have a friend in mikemckeon007!

- the Kid


this is a star fleet command conversion

put kraptor.odf 0 into the tech1/fulltech

put buildItem# = "kraptor" into the ship yard

original model and textures by Modeller: Charvell/TheStressPuppy

Version  Author  mikemckeon007  Website   
Downloads  602  Size  731.32 KB  Created  2008-03-14 



#1 delta_dids 2008-03-14 16:51
I love the quality of these models, great work mikemckeon007 and keep them coming! 9/10
#2 mikemckeon007 2008-03-15 08:17
thank you. i was wondering what would have given me a 10/10
#3 Firestorm603 2008-09-28 09:58
I don't know what could give you 10/10 from delta, but you can have 10 from me ;-) .


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