Klingon Military Freighter Klingon Military Freighter

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mishkaco, 2008-05-12

This re-texture of the Cardassian stock freighter is meant to represent the Klingon military freighter often seen in DS9. While there's no glory in flying a freighter, it certainly helps the warrior in his pursuit of honour to stay all stocked up on blood wine and this month's issue of PlayQa'Pla!

Part of mishkaco's ongoing mission to bring us all those lesser-recognized canon designs. Worth a download.


Klingon Military Freighter

This is the large Klingon Military Freighter seen in episodes of DS9. It is actually a scaled up version of a Cardassian freighter, with minor altenations & painted green.
This freighter for Armada2 will carry more dilithium and latinum than the standard Klingon mining ship, and can go to warp.


Put sod in *sod
Put TGA in *texturesrgb
Put kfreight2.odf & freight4.odf in *odfships
Put karemphys.odf in *odfother (ok in my game the karema and klingon freighters share a physics file!)
Put bmp in *bitmapsadmiralslogshipimages

original model - Armada2 stock CARdassian cargoship (ccargo.sod)
retexture - ProjectArmada2
additional editing and HP'ing - Fahres
odfs & physics - mishkaco

You might be asking, why this is v1.1, well v1.0 of this flew on its side, thought a version that actually pointed in the right direction would be nice haha.

This will be my last cannon ship contribution to A2files for at least some time. I hope i have given somethign to peopel they can use.


Version  v1.1  Author  mishkaco  Website   
Downloads  536  Size  298.55 KB  Created  2008-05-12 



#1 Chief_Chainsaw 2008-05-14 15:43
I've been waiting for someone to make this for ages! THANK YOU!
#2 mishkaco 2008-05-16 22:00
you're welcome

actually this was Fahres' and mine's first project together. It was mostly just a simple test, but i am glad its came in useful to some one. Sorry its not more detailed, but its a freighter, its meant to work offscreen and exploded when sneezed at :P

#3 adm_tyler 2008-06-20 01:07
Nice, Cargo Ship is a better use for this, though.

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