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Model.png Wudja Class

(5 votes)

A nice ship, but it looks pretty much like the Mohecian flipped upside down...

 MPenny2 2002-11-03   182.38 KB 755 Comments: 3

Model.png Zero Hour Klingon B'rel

(0 votes)

The B'rel type is a common vessel, of which has served the Empire well for decades, easily pushing a century of service.

 Aerilon 2011-03-20   2.06 MB 635 Comments: 0

Model.png Zero Hour Klingon Fek'lhr

(4 votes)

Named after the mythical beast, and guardian of Gre'Thor, the Klingon afterlife for the dishonoured.

 Aerilon 2011-03-18   1.43 MB 654 Comments: 1