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Model.png Advanced Klingon Construction Ship

(2 votes)

What we have here is a nice new Kligon Construction ship (though, with the amount available on the site, I would suggest it to be used as a heavier ve…

 Pepperman 2006-05-22   915.95 KB 1,272 Comments: 1

Model.png Alternate Reality D7 Class Pack

(4 votes)

The D-7 was the workhorse for the Empire from the late 2240s well into the 2270s.

 SciFiFan 2010-08-23   5.06 MB 430 Comments: 6

Model.png Animated Wings K'Vort Bird of Prey Class 1.1

(10 votes)

This is a updated version of The Bird Of Pray. It has animated wings to allow for two modes, One for attacking and one for crusing/warp.

 STGamerNew2002 2004-06-17   771.60 KB 1,855 Comments: 8

Model.png Bekta Class 1.0

(4 votes)

If there's one thing we need here at A2Files, it's quality Klingon ships. A lot of Klingon fan-designed vessels suffer from what I like to call "Negh'…

 Transmission 2008-07-10   1.93 MB 789 Comments: 4

Model.png Bekta Class War Cruiser

(3 votes)

The Bekta is supposed to replace the Vor'cha attack cruiser in supplementing Negh'Var's in the assault role.

 Transmission 2009-09-19   3.37 MB 629 Comments: 5

Model.png Bird of Prey Class 0.9

(9 votes)

This mod of the Bird of Prey does a better job of recreating the ones found in the Star Trek.

 9 OF NINE 2002-06-28   196.01 KB 807 Comments: 3

Model.png Bird Of Prey Class 1.0

(12 votes)

This is an update of the Bird Of Prey found here. Further Information can be found in the readme.

 9 OF NINE 2002-08-20   207.57 KB 2,863 Comments: 3

Model.png Bird of Prey Refit

(2 votes)

This gives new meaning to the word "overkill". But of course, there's no equivalent for that word in Klingon.

 CanadianBorg 2008-08-14   1.07 MB 496 Comments: 5

Model.png Bird of Prey Revamp

(9 votes)

From the Mail: I am Chiletrek and this is the revamp of the Klingon B'rel Class Bird of Prey (kdestroy).

 Chiletrek 2006-11-06   76.80 KB 601 Comments: 0

Model.png Bird of Prey X

(9 votes)

Klingon philosophy: Every ship must have weapons. This ship's philosophy: It's a mobile weapons platform.

 Gavin1701 2006-08-26   558.10 KB 1,138 Comments: 9