Alternate Reality D7 Class Pack Alternate Reality D7 Class Pack

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SciFiFan, 2010-08-23

The D-7 was the workhorse for the Empire from the late 2240s well into the 2270s. With several different variations
and upgrades, the D-7 was able to keep up with the advancement made by the Federation. In the late 2260s, a technology
exchange with the Romulan Star Empire, expanded the D-7s role as the Romlulan Stormbird. In the exchange, the Klingons
received the cloaking device. In 2269, Captain James Kirk took the Enterprise, under the guise of going rogue, into
the Romulan Neutral Zone and was able to steal one of the cloaking devices. This allowed the Federation to develop a
means to detect a cloaked ship. Though the detection was flawed (detection wasn't made till a cloaked ship was upon
the intended victim), it was still enough of a deterrent that neither empires attempted a full scale invasion.


Thank you for downloading my AR D-7 class pack. In this pack you will find my D-7A, D-7K and the Romulan Stormbird.
They have been inspired in design by the recent Star Trek movie. If you want some villains to go with the new
Constitution, Miranda and all those other AR Fed ships, then this will be a good place to start. I hope that
this will inspire other modders to make more villain ships for the Alternate Universe.


Models by: SciFiFan
Textures by: SciFiFan
ODF by: SciFiFan


Copy all files in the Texture folder and place them in the Armada II/Texture/RGB directory.
Copy all files in the sod folder and place them in the Armada II/SOD directory.
Copy all files in the odf folder and place them in the Armada II/odf/ships directory.

Go to the sprites directory and open the gui_global file.

Scroll til you find the klingon build buttons.
Under @reference-64

b_ARD7A gbARD7A 0 0 64 64
b_ARD7K gbARD7K 0 0 64 64

Scroll til you find the romulan build buttons.
Under @reference=64

b_ARStormbird gbARStormbird 0 0 64 64

Then Scoll all the way to the bottom then copy and paste the following:

//D-7 Class pack

ARStormbirdw1 ARWire2 0 0 48 48
ARStormbirdw2 ARWire2 48 0 48 48
ARStormbirdw3 ARWire2 96 0 48 48
ARStormbirdw4 ARWire2 144 0 48 48
ARStormbirdw5 ARWire2 192 0 48 48

ARD7Aw1 ARWire2 0 48 48 48
ARD7Aw2 ARWire2 48 48 48 48
ARD7Aw3 ARWire2 96 48 48 48
ARD7Aw4 ARWire2 144 48 48 48
ARD7Aw5 ARWire2 192 48 48 48

ARD7Kw1 ARWire2 0 96 48 48
ARD7Kw2 ARWire2 48 96 48 48
ARD7Kw3 ARWire2 96 96 48 48
ARD7Kw4 ARWire2 144 96 48 48
ARD7Kw5 ARWire2 192 96 48 48

Save and close file.

Go to the techtree directory and open the fulltech file.
kupgrade.odf 0

ARD7A.odf 0
ARD7K.odf 0

rupgrade.odf 0

ARStormbird.odf 0

Save and close file.

In the same directory (techtree) open the tech1 file.
// ***[ KLINGON SHIPS ]***************************

ARD7A.odf 1 kyard.odf // D-7 cruiser
ARD7K.odf 1 kyard.odf // K't'inga cruiser

// ***[ ROMULAN SHIPS ]***************************

ARStormbird.odf 1 ryard.odf // Stormbird cruiser

Save and close file.

Then go to the ODF/Stations directory and open the odf to the station that you want to build the ships.

EX: open kyard.odf.
under: //Construction Parameters
add: buildItemx = "ARD7A" (x being the next number in line 7,8,9 etc)

Repeat for the ARD7K and ARStormbird. Save each file that you change.

NOTE: This mod requires the A2 Physics Project. If you do not have the physics project installed, the odf files
will need to be edited.


These files should not overwrite any existing files but, it is highly recommended that you make backups of your file
incase of a mistake. I do not and will not take any responsibility for any damage to any hardware or software. This
mod is not supported by Activision, Mad Doc, Paramount, or any of their affiliates or parent companies.

If you seek to use this or any portion therof in any publicly released mod, I ask that you seek my permission. If
permission is granted, proper credit is required.



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#1 LowRider1990 2010-08-23 23:45
Awesome work man, good to see some more AR stuffs here. They need more support LOLZ
#2 Doom369 2010-08-24 00:36
AR must be alternate reality. I was thinking these don't look like D-7's. nice work though.
#3 Atlantis27 2010-08-24 01:51
They do seem to be missing a couple of details (proper warp grilles), but even so, these are pretty good. Great work. Well done =)
#4 SciFiFan 2010-08-24 11:40
Thank you for the compliments (lets me know I am doing something right) and the criticism (lets me know what I need to work on).

I did mean for the file title to be "AR D-7 Class Pack"

As for the details, I am not that good at doing textures. I do have nacelle grills on the D7 K and I intentionally left them off the D7 A and Stormbird as a sort of technology progression.
#5 Omega_Mod_God 2010-08-25 07:59
AM I missing the D7K textures? I opened it and it looks like a build button. And it is not the wrong one... ARD7K.tga looks like a build button. Can you email me the correct texture? If you can't I guess I'll try making a set from the other textures.
#6 SciFiFan 2010-08-26 14:58
Omega Mod God, I am sorry for the missing textures. The build button you see is actually the one I wanted for the actual build button. I have submitted the correct textures to the site.

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