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CanadianBorg, 2008-08-14

This gives new meaning to the word "overkill". But of course, there's no equivalent for that word in Klingon.

One might call this little kitbash the "gunslinger" Bird of Prey. I say this because, in place of the standard two wings, CanadianBorg has added two more, and each one sports four disruptors stacked in a bank at the tip of each wing. This brings us to the grand total of SIXTEEN disruptors firing together.

In addition, there's gravity mines, a cloak, and the textures from the Armada Upgrade Project, in case you haven't already added them. Otherwise it's stock textures for this beast.

Worth a look.


Klingon Bird of Prey by CanadianBorg

Any pointers or advice would be appreciated.

This is a refitted version of the Klingon Bird of Prey. It will not overwrite the stock. It does, however, use the stock textures, and I have included the Bird of Prey textures from the Armada 1.5.1 Project Klingon Pack if you want them.


Open the archive file and extract the folder "Bird of Prey Refit" somewhere outside your A2 directory.

Copy all the folders inside to your root A2 directory.

Now, open gui_global.spr in the "sprites" folder in your A2 main directory with Notepad, and scroll down to the Klingon build buttons. Now enter:

b_kdestroy2 gbkdestroy2 0 0 64 64

below the last item.

Now save and close gui_global.spr and go to the techtree folder within the A2 directory with Notepad. Now open Scroll down to the Klingon ships and add:

kdestroy2.odf 2 kyard.odf kresear.odf

Now save and close Open with Notepad and enter the following anywhere in the list:

kdestroy2.odf 0

Now save and close the file.

Now Go to the odf folder, and go to "stations". Open kyard.odf with Notepad, and enter the following:

buildItemxx = "kdestroy2"

Where "xx" is the next number in the list (replace it with this number).

Save and close kyard.odf.

That's it! Your new Bird of Prey in ready to serve the Empire! (Bloodwine sold separately.) I might be coming out with more converted ships by the way, so stay tuned!


This mod is not made or supported by Activision or Paramount.
CanadianBorg Industries cannot be held responsible for any damage to your computer or your game by this mod.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, you can e-mail me at

If you wish to use these ships in any of your mods, please ask me first. Thank you.

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#1 CanadianBorg 2008-08-14 10:49
Sorry the screenshot is so bad. It looked better on my computer.


P.S. Resistance is futile, eh?
#2 WerdBorg 2008-08-14 12:44
16 Cannons-to have that many on a ship that size you either

1, Have weak shields

2, A naff warp drive

3, No cloak or

4, You have a ZPM powering it

20 of these beauties would be enough to make Scimitar back off 9/10
#3 CanadianBorg 2008-08-14 13:48
Rather, it's not 16 individual cannons, it's 4 rapid-fire ones. I just made it have 16 cannons to explain the rapid-fire.


P.S. Resistance is futile, eh?
#4 ameba 2008-08-15 00:46
any credit for the upgrade pack texture anywhere??
#5 CanadianBorg 2008-08-15 04:01
I said it uses the 1.5.1 texture pack. I didn't try to pass it off as my own.


P.S. Resistance is futile, eh?

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