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Model.png SoulWolf Class

(15 votes)

This is one of the most amazing custom ships I have ever seen. I give this bad-boy perfect 10's!

 Terradyhne 2005-07-24   452.81 KB 2,069 Comments: 23

Model.png Sovereign Class

(5 votes)

Another nice recreation of the sovereign class texture! - complete with borg textures

 Michael Kelly 2003-02-22   1.29 MB 1,213 Comments: 6

Model.png Sovereign refit 1.1

(9 votes)

New version of the sovereign complete with regenerative sheilds, yacht laucher special weapon and battle bridge section

 Bombomadil 2003-02-23   869.58 KB 1,216 Comments: 10

Model.png Sovereign V3

(21 votes)

This is a very nice, highly detailed Soverign class by Dawn. DOWNLOAD!!!

 Dawn 2002-08-27   1.77 MB 3,429 Comments: 5

Model.png Sovereign X and fighters 1.0

(16 votes)

This one's speical. [announcer] Is'a s Sovereign X version of P81's excellent model, but wait, there's more! [other announcer] Wow Johnny, but isn't…

 Sherman2 2004-10-16   1.63 MB 3,109 Comments: 14

Model.png Soyuz Class

(11 votes)

This is the Soyuz Class made for Armada II by Pizza the Hutt. It is seen in the TNG episode "Cause and Effects", when the Enterprise is stuck in a tim…

 Pizza the Hutt 2005-10-22   749.17 KB 2,330 Comments: 9

Model.png Springfield Class

(8 votes)

This is a Springfield Class Starship for Armada II. It has four phaser arrays and three photon torpedo launchers.

 Beginner 2005-08-28   1.80 MB 1,005 Comments: 10

Model.png SS Vico

(7 votes)

Here's the description he sent me: This is my own ship so it isn't the best thing in the world.

 Commander Theo 2002-08-28   17.83 KB 348 Comments: 7

Model.png SS Vico v1.1

(12 votes)

This is the SS Vico 1.1 ship. It isn't that great because I made it months ago but then my Armada 2 disk broke so it was never tested.

 Unknown / Anonymous 2003-02-08   33.24 KB 568 Comments: 5

Model.png SSA-Apocalypse-Excelsiors

(7 votes)

SuperStarAsh does it again, high quality ships here, great work

 Tycoon 2005-05-16   1.01 MB 2,523 Comments: 5