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Model.png SSA-Apocalypse-Mirandas

(6 votes)

This file contains several varients of the Miranda Class Starship.

 Tycoon 2005-06-06   1.61 MB 1,603 Comments: 11

Model.png SSA-Apocalypse-Prometheus

(6 votes)

No matter how good SuperStarAsh makes them, he just seems to make them better than you expect! Another file from SSA's mod Apocalypse, this one, as t…

 Tycoon 2005-05-16   1.72 MB 1,752 Comments: 5

Model.png SSA-Apocalypse-TNG

(3 votes)

A stunning pair of model's from SuperStarAsh's disconinuted mod Apocalypse. Great work

 Tycoon 2005-05-16   1.83 MB 1,446 Comments: 8

Model.png SSA-Apocalypse-TOS

(2 votes)

Daealus & Constitution Class from Apocalypse.

 Tycoon 2005-06-07   632.28 KB 1,256 Comments: 3

Model.png Starchaser Class Carrier Variant

(5 votes)

A while back, R5D5 put together a low-poly ship pack of Federation vessels based somewhere on the later side of the Lost Era.

 R5D5 2009-11-21   2.96 MB 736 Comments: 7

Model.png Starfinder Class

(9 votes)

This is a federation starship that looks like it takes some inspiration from the Prometheus.

 HMS_Frontier 2006-08-20   2.11 MB 1,148 Comments: 26

Model.png Steamrummer Class

(15 votes)

Steamrunner class by Micheal Kelly, Beautiful ship, just lovely.

 Michael Kelly 2005-06-03   402.85 KB 1,362 Comments: 15

Model.png Steamrunner Class

(7 votes)

Nice Steamrunner - it updates the textures and makes the ship look much better!

 Michael Kelly 2003-02-21   1.23 MB 1,537 Comments: 5

Model.png Steamrunner Class 2 1.0

(26 votes)

This is not a "Steamrunner Class" per say, but a conjunction of galaxy parts in the basic configuration of a steamrunner class.

 chancellor christian 2004-10-10   2.38 MB 683 Comments: 10

Model.png Steamrunner Class Refit

(11 votes)

This file changes the steamrunners properties, Pulse phasers like A Fed Starbase, Tricobalt Torpedoes, Cloak, and Detect cloak, aswell as Self Destruc…

 Steel2 2003-10-05   2.31 KB 894 Comments: 8