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Model.png Premonition

(21 votes)

This is the Premonition class starship seen in the first Armada. Ryan converted it for A2, and he did a good job of it.

 Ryan Linehan 2002-08-02   474.08 KB 5,357 Comments: 22

Model.png Premonition Modding Kit

(17 votes)

This is Major A Paynes Premonition modding kit! It is not an off-the-bat installable ship, you will need some modding experience to get this one to wo…

 Major A Payne 2004-11-27   4.26 MB 1,801 Comments: 26

Model.png Prometheus Class

(170 votes)

This is the Prometheus class seen in the Star Trek: Voyager episode, Message In A Bottle. Deemon has recreated the Prometheus perfectly.

 Deemon 2002-08-01   3.11 MB 20,312 Comments: 41

Model.png Prometheus-X3

(18 votes)

This is a modified version of sherman2's Prometheus-X Class. When you change the Prometheus from multi vectored to standard it no longer changes into…

 kais58 2005-08-21   5.43 MB 4,134 Comments: 10

Model.png Proteus Class

(12 votes)

Coming straight from the early 25th century, the U.S.S. Proteus is the first of its' kind equipped with newly aquired and highly experimental quantum…

 _dEjavU_ 2011-01-03   3.78 MB 1,435 Comments: 22

Model.png Raphalea's Steamrunner Class

(6 votes)

This is a fairly decent rendition of the old Steamrunner Class by Raphalea.Be warned, this ship is very high poly, and even on a powerful pc can lag t…

 Fleet Admiral Raphaela 2005-01-16   1.12 MB 548 Comments: 13

Model.png Raven Class

(9 votes)

A nice remodel and retexture of the original A2 Raven class (A.K.A. Colony Ship), by Captain Fingers

 Captain Fingers 2002-09-24   293.05 KB 1,138 Comments: 8

Model.png Regent

(3 votes)

This is Regent Worfs Ship from the mirror universe, see below for instalation instructions.

 1_Beta_1 2005-07-18   950.37 KB 651 Comments: 4

Model.png Relative Class

(8 votes)

Nice Relative (Wells) Class ship - from what I can see the testure just looks much better than the previous one.

 Unknown / Anonymous 2003-04-22   830.16 KB 1,775 Comments: 8

Model.png Relativity

(18 votes)

This is the Relativity, which was seen in the Star Trek: Voyager episode, Relativity. This is a VERY nice rendition of that ship.

 Commander Sotoni 2002-08-01   109.97 KB 2,593 Comments: 5