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Model.png Sulu's Excelsior V2 (Inc. Audio Files)

(7 votes)

From The Mail: I have sent you a file of the USS Excelsior with Sounds. The Files Author Is Gavin1701.

 Gavin1701 2006-06-23   10.17 MB 2,121 Comments: 16

Model.png Super Construction Ship

(10 votes)

Simple mod that allows the construction ship to fire trasnsphasic torps - not bad and only one critisicm -> anyone could prob do it.

 talon8833 2003-02-26   1.83 KB 1,172 Comments: 5

Model.png Super Construction Ships

(6 votes)

This adds super weapons to the construction ships as well as other features. However i'm a bit dubious about this part of the code for the federation…

 talon8833 2003-03-02   7.72 KB 1,089 Comments: 6

Model.png Super Defiant 1.2

(15 votes)

This is a normal defiant, but uhh, super. It has improved shields, quantum torpedoes, and ablative armor.

 Shadow_Class 2002-08-09   1.84 KB 3,976 Comments: 17

Model.png Super USS Enterprise

(10 votes)

This mod adds some extra weapons to your standard Enterprise, making it a Super Enterprise!

 AdmiralPicard 2004-12-30   2.00 KB 2,160 Comments: 9

Model.png Surak Class

(7 votes)

I think Atlantis explains it best himself : This is the Vulcan Surak class warp shuttle seen in ST:1 The Motion Picture.

 Atlantis 2002-12-23   41.78 KB 527 Comments: 3

Model.png Sydney Class Transport

(4 votes)

After some development time, as seen in the forums, the Sydney class is here.

 Wildcard621 2009-03-06   3.72 MB 693 Comments: 7

Model.png Telum Class

(8 votes)

A strange ship that looks like the Sabra, but this is much better done

 The Green Bunny 2002-07-14   226.39 KB 1,146 Comments: 2

Model.png Tempast Class 2.0

(10 votes)

Complementary to the Nebula Class, think of this as a "quicker" variant with an extra punch in weaponary.

 ColdDarkParanoia 2006-03-05   306.79 KB 755 Comments: 3

Model.png The Prometheus Varient

(12 votes)

The Zues Class-Prometheus Varient. This ship is equipt with Mini Heavy quantums, an advanced Transphasic launcher, heavy phaser conduits around the sh…

 STFCBC 2005-12-07   1.60 MB 1,164 Comments: 10