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Model.png Nova Class

(49 votes)

Here is a nother conversion from sfc3 to armada2. the Federation Nova Class ship.

 Michael Kelly 2003-06-16   1.17 MB 4,935 Comments: 7

Model.png Nova Class 1.0

(34 votes)

Nova Class Make sure you know what shipyard you want for it, it doesnt have any special weapons however it is very powerful with phasers and quantum t…

 Spectre 2002-08-03   533.71 KB 5,940 Comments: 29

Model.png NW Class Starship

(2 votes)

Well, this one and the NZ Class (also by Majest) are some lovely Enterprise-era vessels (or at least what look to be kit bashes).

 Majestic 2006-08-25   4.31 MB 995 Comments: 3

Model.png NX Class

(9 votes)

This Mod gives a Borg Texture to Deemon's NX Class as well as giving it the missle from Prophet's Armada 1 version.

 Michael Kelly 2003-02-23   1.13 MB 1,622 Comments: 11

Model.png Oberth + Asmodeus

(4 votes)

Well, something unique from Pizza The Hutt, and quite a nice addition too. Though I'm not personally keen on the Asmondeus, The Oberth is a nice ship…

 Pizza the Hutt 2006-05-15   588.05 KB 983 Comments: 4

Model.png Oberth Class 1.0

(5 votes)

This is the Oberth class from Ghost's Compilation Mod, made a single download by steel2 for those of you who have bad connections.

 Steel2 2004-06-26   123.94 KB 641 Comments: 6

Model.png Oberth Class Mod

(9 votes)

This is the oberth class with an installer. It has all the files for a full mod including techtrees, wireframes, buildbuttons, admiral's log pics, and…

 Porty 2004-07-03   856.21 KB 2,135 Comments: 4

Model.png Omacron Test Ship BETA

(1 vote)

This ship was created with stolen borg shields and a romulon cloaking device its a test ship and it has very vunrable engines because they are so la…

 Simie 2005-03-11   463.84 KB 433 Comments: 9

Model.png Omega X Class

(12 votes)

The 'strongest federation ship ever built'. It is said that it can beat any ship in one on one combat.

 Yacuzza 2004-12-30   900.16 KB 1,553 Comments: 18

Model.png Onidus Class Starship 0.8

(3 votes)

This uhm, Onidus Class, by Sherman2, is quite unique. Apparently at one point a ship like this was considered for Voyager.

 Sherman2 2004-12-20   2.32 MB 797 Comments: 20