borg cassette borg cassette

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mash1971, 2008-12-18

Before there were DVDs and CDs --before there were Borg-- there was magnetic tape. Why exactly the Borg would have an interest in such an outdated, obsolescent technology (let alone sufficient interest in turning it into a spacefaring weapon of sorts) isn't quite clear. One thing's certain, however. The Borg could make one seriously terrifying mix tape.

mash1971 referred to this as "holiday silliness". That was an understatement.

Worth a look.


ts christmas time for the borg

and bad santa has given them a cassette of william shatner's greatest hits album

resistance is most definetly futile....

put bmp file in the bitmaps/admirals log/ship images folder

put sod file in the sod folder

put tga files in the textures/rgb folder

put bcassette.odf in the odf/ships folder

put qmpulse.odf and qmpulseo.odf in the odf/weapons/pulse folder

put qphot.odf and qphoto.odf in the odf/waepons/photons folder

open gui global file in the sprites folder

under borg build buttons

add this line

b_bcassette gbbcass 0 0 64 64

under borg wireframes

add this line


bcassettew1 wfbcass 0 0 128 128

save file

in the same folder,open the weapon file

find this line

# Blue phaser
blphaser Wphaser 0 86 128 21

add this line underneath

# Blue phaser
blphaserc Wphaserc 0 86 128 21

save file

in the tech1 file in the techtree folder

under borg ships

add this line

bcassette.odf 2 byard2.odf bresear2.odf

save file

in the same folder, open the fulltech file

add this line

bcassette.odf 0

save file

add to byard2.odf in the odf/stations folder

builditem** = "bcassette"

happy xmas


textures by activision and mad doc

model by mash

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Downloads  411  Size  648.12 KB  Created  2008-12-18 



#1 CanadianBorg 2008-12-18 16:01
Merry Christmas, everyone!


P.S. Resistance is futile, eh?
#2 njm1983 2008-12-18 17:18
thats actually kinda clever.
#3 WerdBorg 2008-12-18 21:02
Hhahahahahhahahahaha 10/10
#4 Doom369 2008-12-18 22:22
that looks good but is hella funny. it gets a 10 for comity.
#5 FahreS 2008-12-19 06:20
Dont insert it in your cassette deck, or your radio will be assimilated!

lol this Rock
#6 undedavenger 2008-12-19 11:06
Now if only it played Toto or Duran Duran when you blast a Sovvy...

Very funny!
#7 acidfluxxbass 2009-01-01 20:30
old skewl!
#8 Prometheus9594 2010-05-25 16:14
warning warning dont insert infected cassete or you will have ur radio and songs assimilated

XD hahahahaaah XD this has got to be the funniest mod design ive ever seen XD

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