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adm_tyler, 2007-10-20

The Borg have long been an interest of mine, at least, relative to Armada II, because they don't make sense. In First Contact and in "Best of Both Worlds" we saw one cube do untold amounts of damage to Federation interests on its own. Yet the Borg somehow need stations and support vessels to do their worst in A2. It doesn't make sense.

Until now.

Using an often-overlooked "mamacube" from the stock game, adm_tyler has given us the new Borg Command Cube. Not only does it contain more powerful (and more canon) cutting beams and torpedoes, but it also includes a multi-targeting holding beam capable of doing immense damage. This one vessel on its own is sufficient to take down numbers in your fleet. And does that ever make it intimidating.

Note that I say "intimidating" rather than "resistance is futile". Because resistance, in this case, is a balanced game. Sure, it's got the abilit y to regenerate AND the ability to initiate transwarp portals on command, but it's also balanced to the stock A2 fairly well. It's not as impossible as Wolf 359, but not over as fast as Scorpion, Part I. That's the best way I can describe it. It's powerful without being a 'god ship'. And it's easy on your computer, so you don't have to worry about it assimilating your operating speed while it assimiliates all your base.

Everything you love about the Borg, or love to blow up, is yours in this cube. And best of all, it uses a stock model to do the job! And download Curtis' Borg texture upgrade to truly enjoy it!

So until the day when someone comes up with One Very Devastatingly "Resistance Is Futile" Borg Cube, this one does the trick REALLLLY nicely. Download it now and find out for yourself!


- the Kid

// Borg Command Cube
// Made by Tyler Chambers

Powerful Ships intended to be used as a Flagship by the Borg (uses Stock MamaCube - bmama.odf)


1. bmama.odf
2. Borg.odf
3. eb_named.odf
4. bcut5.odf
5. bcut5o.odf
6. bgrav.odf
7. bgravimetrico.odf
8. hholdbm.odf
9. hregen.odf
10. htwarpd.odf
11. bbattle.tga
12. bbattlebump.tga

Misc. Files:
1. Readme.txt


1. Copy all files into the correct folders
2. Open 'Gui_Global' (Sprites) and add under the Build Buttons (incase you want to build it):

# Borg build buttons

b_bmama gbbbattle3 0 0 64 64

3. Under Federation Wireframes, add:5

# Borg wireframes

bmamaw1 borgwireframe02 0 144 48 48
bmamaw2 borgwireframe02 48 144 48 48
bmamaw3 borgwireframe02 96 144 48 48
bmamaw4 borgwireframe02 144 144 48 48
bmamaw5 borgwireframe02 192 144 48 48

4. Under Special Weapons add:
b_htwarpd gbtwarpd00 0 0 64 64
b_hregen gbregen00 0 0 64 64

5. Open '' and' and add under the Borg Special Weapons Section:
hregen.odf 0 // regeneration (borg command cube)
htwarpd.odf 0 // transwarp drive (borg command cube)


'hholdbm.odf' is now multi-targeting.



Ship ODF - Me
Ship SOD - Activision
Textures - Armada II Upgrade Project
Weapons - Me
Special Weapons - Me


Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices:

Star Trek, Star Fleet Command, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures,
as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

// SECTION 7 - Contact



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#11 trekkieman2000 2007-10-25 09:42
i'd like to point out that you guys are right about the borg, however one point in your argument is flawed. You're correct, in FC the borg cube was winning the fight against the borg cube, however at wolf 359, it was not the power of the borg ship that allowed it to massacre the federation fleet, it was the fact that the Borg has PICARD's knowledge of federation ships, systems, and battle tactics. The borg knew exactly where to hit the federation fleet, so they never stood a chance. in FC, both the borg and the federation had advanced, but the borg no longer had picard's tactical knowledge, so the fight lasted considerably longer, and much more damage was done to the cube by the federation prior to picard's arrival. remember data's quote "they have sustained heavy damage to their outer hull, i'm reading fluctuations in their power grid."

in short, i'd say this cube is pretty indicative of what a borg cube should be, and no borg cube should be powerful enough to do by itself what was done at wolf 359. What happened at wolf 359 was more analogous to what Khan did to the enterprise using the reliant. He had inside knowledge, and "knew exactly where to hit" them.
#12 Starblade. 2007-10-27 15:59
trekkieman2000 - I don't think Picard's knowledge of Federation systems really did all that much to help the Borg at Wolf 359. We saw what they did to the fleet in "Emissary"-- if anything, they were toying with the Fed fleet like a cat with a mouse. Same way they did with the Enterprise in System J25 during "Q Who" or the New Providence colony on Jouray IV (an entire freakin' COLONY they just up and absorbed into space through planetary atmosphere) at the beginning of "Best of Both Worlds". All that Picard's knowledge helped them do was understand Starfleet's tactics a lot better --that, and make it so there was nothing short of suicide that Riker could employ until Locutus became Starfleet's only weapon. They knew they had us dead to rights.

I'd speculate that maybe they intended for the first cube to fail so that the Federation would improve its weapons and defenses so that NEXT time they'd be worthy of assimliation. That's what makes the Borg such a hideous enemy. Every time you beat them, you know you have to become stronger for next time--- so when you DO fall, you hand over all that advanced tech to them so they can use it to take down some other suckers someplace else.

Then again, that doesn't explain why they try to assimilate our past in First Contact. So really I don't know either. I just know this. The Borg race with structures and turrets and support vessels aren't so different from everyone else-- just another set of cannon fodder. But just one cube doing untold damage, using my own forces against me.... relentlessly proving that resistance is futile one assimilating conquest at a time.... now that's terrifying. :borg:
#13 Jeeves 2007-10-30 16:28

Picards knowledge would have helped a fair ammount, but I agree, wouldn't have tipped it rediculously, the Borg would already have won at 349

BUT, the Borg really wouldn't play with them, the reason they went back and assimilated earth in the past in first contact was because the federation was prooving a nuisance constantly, but not a race that had technology they hadn't already got hold of

Also, I wish A2 was made more canon, I know that there are interceptors, spheres, diamonds and cubes, but the rest of it all stuff made up to "balance" (correct me if i'm wrong, but that's all the borg ships i've seen)

The borg should not be balanced, they should own, but take ages to make and cost loads etc

I'm definately going to give this mod a try, a decent cube sounds like fun. Thanks
#14 baldy117 2008-08-02 15:32
i must that the have no use for a command vessel they have the borg gueen's diamond for that in armada 2 and in armada 1 locotus cube
#15 mulege 2009-08-27 21:36
:borg: we will assimilate you're technology and add it to our own resistance is futile :borg:

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