Borg Cube Upgrade Borg Cube Upgrade

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chris5110uk2k, 2002-09-25

This is a cube replacement that will make the Borg cube the normal Star Trek size, and replace the textures.

Thanks for downloading My Borg Ship

Well i was fed up with the old orignal cube looking bland and too small so i have edited
the original cube and revamped it. Basicly heres what i have done:
-Brand new Texture
-New weapon Textures and power
-Cost more to build
-No Shields...just hull impacts like the Cannon

The Zip file has been set up to extract directly into the correct folders so simply extract
the winzip file to your default Armada directry

Whats replaced:
-Weapon ODF files (Borg battle Photons and Phasers)
-Original Borg Cube ODF
-Original Borg Cube Textures
-Original Borg Weapon textures

Thats all i think

(any problems or suggestions e-mail me at

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#11 chris5110uk2k 2002-09-28 14:28
cool, lol.....Federation will fall to its knees if a your Fusion cube came, lol
#12 Kahless 2002-10-01 17:11
I love this cube! it solves my problem of wanting to delete the fusion cubes, as they are not real star trek. I also tried making a tactical cube like this by pumping up the sod scale, and giving it the weapons that chris made. Nice Going! :-)
#13 Dark_Saber 2002-10-06 12:58
Death will come to those who challenge a fusion cube! Mwuhahahaha! (And to think, the tactical fusion cube is already unstoppable!) :borg: :borg:
#14 Xenomorph 2002-10-10 08:38
It would be nice if it used a different named sod and textures, so it could be added alongside the current cube.

Is it possible to change the name of the textures a sod is associated with by editing it with notepad?
#15 Iggy 2002-10-11 09:51
I'm working on a big borg mod, and this mod, and this cube and its weapons are completely realistic to any star trek referance Ive seen. I need to know if I could use this ship in my mod. If everything works out, It may have armor, and It will include a fusion cube.

#16 chris5110uk2k 2002-10-11 16:23
Sure Iggy you can use it in your mod, just give me the credit for the cube

Cant wait for the mod
#17 Iron_Fist 2002-10-14 13:13
Just about the fusion cube earlier, i built an omega cube which is probably the same size as your new fusion, but it didn't move, is it the physics file?
#18 draconis_sharp 2004-06-23 02:42
This cube is the best looking borg ship one could possibly imagine. It freakin ROCKS! :borg: Rock

#19 Alienmoviefreak 2004-08-09 15:25
I have been able to download this mod, but it will not work in the game. The old one just remains, like it never even was put in the game. Please help.

"We are the Borg. Lower your sheilds and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctivness to our own. Resistance is futile. :borg: "

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