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Borg Incursion
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Mod.png Andromeda Mod

(42 votes)

This is a conversion of the Andromeda Mod from Armada 1. From the Readme: After downloading and playing the Andromeda Mod on A1 just weeks before…

 Wraith(Converted By WarBorg) 2002-08-02   11.71 MB 10,727 Comments: 31

Mod.png Armada 3 Concept_Temporal Empire

(30 votes)

Ten years after Voyager returned in alpha quadrant everybody believed that after destroying Borg Queen collective would be permanent disabled except f…

 Yacuzza 2005-07-05   9.36 MB 5,128 Comments: 19

Mod.png Art of War Part III

(23 votes)

Here, after a longer wait than I thought, is part 3 of my Art of War mod, anyone who liked the first 2 is of course going to like this.

 Wrath of Achilles 2008-08-04   49.61 MB 5,286 Comments: 68

Mod.png Art of War: Holy Wars Part 2

(16 votes)

Upon finishing installation of this juggernaut, you're greeted with a message saying "Time to kick some Sovereign ass".

 Wrath of Achilles 2008-01-19   46.87 MB 4,800 Comments: 33

Mod.png Babylon 5 Armada II

(291 votes)

This is the real thing people, the full 116meg thing. it puts the Babylon 5 ships and stations into the Star Trek world.

 Rivendell Studios 2003-11-22   116.16 MB 46,373 Comments: 128

Mod.png Babylon 5 Armada II Pach 1.0.2

(79 votes)

This is the latest patch for Babylon 5 Armada II. It has some minor bug fixes along with fixing some things that where missing.

 Rivendell Studios 2003-12-09   14.71 MB 18,928 Comments: 27

Mod.png Babylon 5 Demo Patch

(7 votes)

This patch adds sound effects and more to the demo making it a better gaming experience

 Babylon 5 Crew 2002-07-14   1.07 MB 1,780 Comments: 3

Mod.png Borg A1 Refit

(4 votes)

This mod will replace all the ships and stations with their A1 versions.

 Omega1989 2002-10-21   2.24 MB 1,542 Comments: 3

Mod.png Concept : Future Full Mod v1.00

(118 votes)

This fullgame mod completes the Concept : Future project. Set a decade after the end of Voyager/First Contact, most of the ships have been replaced o…

 Concept: Future 2004-03-15   48.48 MB 33,127 Comments: 109

Mod.png Concept : Future Federation Addon 1.01

(44 votes)

The mod has finally reached passed Beta and is now on its first standard release! Consult the Readme for more details.

 Concept: Future 2003-01-26   15.72 MB 12,324 Comments: 32