Babylon 5 Armada II Pach 1.0.2 Babylon 5 Armada II Pach 1.0.2

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Rivendell Studios, 2003-12-09

This is the latest patch for Babylon 5 Armada II. It has some minor bug fixes along with fixing some things that where missing. Also adds more buildable units to Xtra Tech for more enjoyment.

Babylon 5 Armanda II Patch 1.0.2
Copyright (C) 2000-2004 by Rivendell Studios
All Rights Reserved

This is the 1.0.2 Patch for Babylon 5 Armada II for Star Trek Armada II this has some minor bug fixes along with fixing some things that where missing. Plus add more buildable units to Xtra Tech for more enjoyment.

Here is a list of all the changes
Missing special weapons buttons and wireframes added.
Sod for Drakh Plague added.
Rangers and League ships altered for balance.
Missing sprite entries fixed.
Order/Chaos pods removed from No Order/Chaos and Xtra tech trees.
Drazi Warbird, avalible from the normal League Shipyard in Xtra tech.
Vree Xeff-Class saucer, avalible from the advanced League Shipyard in Xtra tech.
Stadard Starfury buidlable at Babylon 5 in Xtra tech.
Earth Force 1 buildable at Babylon 4 in Xtra tech.
EF1 Escort Starfury also buildable at Babylon 4 in Xtra tech.
Gravity well's removed from mini-map, since they are not a factor in faster-than-light travel in the B5 universe.
Vorlon Homeworld removed as starting unit, replaced with Vorlon Starbase, due to buildlist issues on standard tech trees.
Missing Admirals Log images restored.
Yogurt's maps added.
Fixed sods for jump-gate vortex, 3rd-space vortex, and spacial rift.
Fixed the nebula nodes for the Death Cloud.
Included several missing sprite definitions.
Fixed AI errors.
Fixed Ranger Admirals Log icon.
Fixed several sound errors.

Stat Trek Armanda II with patch 1.1 and the Mod Babylon 5 Armada II with patch 1.0.1. And 30mbs of disk space.

The installer is a self-extracting archive. just Lunch the B5A2_Patch102.exe Select your Star Trek Armada II directory normally "C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada 2\."

it will extract everthing to where it needs to go.

now You are all done run B5A2 and have fun.

Getting Help
just stop by the Rivendell Studios site at and join the forums we will try and handle any problams you may have

Please Contact one of our Public Relations members before posting this file up anywhere you can contact them on our main web site or contact G. "trenthowell" Barber at Thank you.

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#21 KingRhys 2004-12-28 15:08
I think I've found the problem....but not a solution. My game crashes with the new patch, but only when the Rangers are in the picture; more specifically when one of the Victories (prototype or full) are almost done being constructed. The game doesn't seem to crash when the Rangers are not in the picture, of course, I don';t know what the AI's are doing at the time fo the crash; but it happens every time I build a Victory, so....
#22 dditzler 2005-12-11 23:42
What do i have to do to so i can build a Victory ship yard?
#23 cetan 2006-11-25 17:59
babbalon 5 will not werk on instant action . i would like to try it but i think its a lost couse
#24 USS_Traveller 2007-09-16 11:37
I never even liked Babylon 5 but... this mod is friggin' sweet.

You have even got me watching Babylon 5 again.

Hopefully its not as bad as I remember, then again, I have been wrong about a lot of things :P

Great mod though
#25 prophetspaul 2007-11-19 00:43
ive downloaded the patch 1.01 aquired to download ad downloaded babylo 1.01 and 1.02 but when i go o armarda 2 the bab 5 logo pops up then the game cotinues like ive added o bab 5 mod at all, im still playing as the feds ad klingons, borg etc, ay help?
#26 Katoc57 2007-12-20 12:21

1) Install ST Armada II

2) Install Patch 1.1 for ST Armada II

3) Install main B5A2II original 101 mod

The Music addon file AND the B5AII 1.02 patch incorrectly

use the number 2, not the correct Roman numeral II, so:

4) Install Music addon next,

During installation , change the 2 to the Roman version II

in the path where you want to install it

5) Install B5A2 Patch 1.02

During installation, change the 2 to the Roman numeral II

in the path where you want to install it

The music addon must also be installed before the 1.02 patch is.
#27 blacksharck 2008-12-19 19:23
sera que e bom?

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