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Mod.png Star Trek Armada 2: The Twilight Beta Final

(118 votes)

This is a Beta from The Twilight Team of Star Trek Armada 2: The Twilight. This mod contains a collection of work from quite a few names including Maj…

 Twilight Team 2005-08-23   49.07 MB 7,754 Comments: 67

Mod.png Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations 3.06

(22 votes)

IMPORTANT: The multimedia pack, including all the music for the mod, can be downloaded from the FleetOps website.

 FleetOps Team 2009-05-23   200.16 MB 3,115 Comments: 21

Mod.png Star Trek Vs. Star Wars Demo

(107 votes)

This is the demo of possibly the most anticipated mod for A2. The demo has been released, and here's my review: It is VERY good, but it has its prob…

 St vs. SW Team 2002-06-26   42.96 MB 9,465 Comments: 25

Mod.png Star Trek Vs. Star Wars Patch 0.5a

(42 votes)

This patch fixed and added parts to the demo which i found neccasary in order to have a more realistic encounter

 St vs. SW Team 2002-07-08   448.84 KB 6,050 Comments: 10

Mod.png Star Trek: Assimilation

(26 votes)

Finally, a new Total Conversion! This one's a real doozy too. I asked Ed to write me a little desciption of the mod, but he wrote a huge essay! Ha…

 edtheborg 2003-01-25   7.49 MB 6,301 Comments: 36

Mod.png Star Wars Fleet Command 1.1 Full

(211 votes)

This is the full install of Star Wars: Fleet Command version 1.1. Download this if you don't already have 1.0 installed.

 St vs. SW Team 2002-12-21   51.74 MB 33,349 Comments: 66

Mod.png Star Wars: Fleet Command 1.1 Patch

(44 votes)

One of the best mods for A2 (And the Demo too!) has been upgraded to 1.1. This patch will upgrade Star Wars: Fleet Command to version 1.1.

 St vs. SW Team 2002-12-15   6.43 MB 4,616 Comments: 19

Mod.png Star Wars: Fleet Command

(60 votes)

This mod basically takes the 2 SW sides from ST vs SW and gives you the FULL SW Sides, yes that means SSD's and Super Laser Turrets and some new ship…

 St vs. SW Team 2002-07-31   33.90 MB 6,011 Comments: 25

Mod.png Tactical Assault Demo 1.0

(9 votes)

You've seen it in the forums. Now Tactical Assault has arrived at Armada II Files.

 Yacuzza 2008-04-05   177.07 MB 4,220 Comments: 38

Mod.png Tactical Assault Federation Expansion 1.0.1

(15 votes)

This is the official Federation Expansion for Yacuzza's Tactical Assault demo, which can be found here.

 Yacuzza 2009-01-20   55.62 MB 2,696 Comments: 18