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Concept: Future, 2003-01-26

The mod has finally reached passed Beta and is now on its first standard release! Consult the Readme for more details.

**********************Concept : Future Federation Addon version 1.01 (for Armada 2)***************************

NOTE : I believe that in order to play this mod you need to have a completely unmodded federation side on the Armada 2 game, this mod has not been tested on armada 1 (it may work, with/without modifications to the odfs etc)


If you have any suggestions for Concept : Future or if you need any help/support with this mod please email me at


This is the readme for Concept : Future Federation Addon Version 1.01
This zip includes the Federation side that will be used in the completed Concept : Future mod.

To install just open the aip folder and double click on the executable file - this will install the files to where they need to go as long as you enter the correct directory.

Alternatively (if you have other mods and some modding skill) just open the zip file and execute the exe file(save it to a different folder) then move the files that you want to where they should go. I think that it's obvious where they should go once open - but any problems and just mail me!

I have used an auto-installer because a lot of people will find this a lot easier, also it's possible to install it without overwriting by installing to another file.

Note - if you want to keep any of the fed data since before this installation I suggest that u back it up. A lot of the data will stay � but there are a few files that have to be edited for the game to work properly with the mod.


It's been nine years and seven months since the crew of Voyager brought her home safely, and thirteen years after the Enterprise successfully defended Sector 001 against another Borg threat.
Since that time the alpha quadrant has been a little quiet in general following the end of the war with the Dominion. The Alpha quadrant has seen minor skirmishes between the Klingon Empire and it's various foes because of it's undying need for violence and death, the war between the Borg and Species 8472 did soften for a while after Admiral Janeway returned from the past to recover Voyager and to destroy the Borg's central command functions. But since then the Borg re-formed with a new, unknown, leader, rampaging through the delta quadrant, discovering new technologies that were previously unknown to them, they have become even more powerful, with the same central idea as before - perfection - at any cost. The Dominion retreated to the Gamma quadrant for a few years, while they rebuilt their ships. Then in 2380 they entered the Alpha quadrant again through the wormhole guarded by Deep Space 9. There was a battle and many people lost their lives.
However the Dominion were successful in getting a few ships into the Alpha quadrant before destroying DS9. Then though the Dominion fleet managed to get behind Cardassian borders where they struck a deal with the Cardassians who have hated them since their parting of ways after the Dominion war. The Dominion have since engaged in a trade-resources agreement with the Breen, the Cardassians, a few Kazon ships thrown across space by an anomaly, the Son�a and the Ferengi. Ultimately this created the Alliance, a very powerful and strong fleet capable of crippling many Federation ships easily.
In that time all the major powers of the quadrant have waited for a power struggle, building their fleets in anticipation... In recent years the Federation and Starfleet have managed to rebuild their fleet to its entirety, introducing new and improved starships, derived from technologies gained from the Delta quadrant and from the Gamma quadrant, to deal with the threat of other malicious species in the Galaxy. The invention of Slipstream drive has meant that the Federation has expanded to cover more than one third of the Milky Way, and that it has managed to recover new types of metal and technologies. Their new fleet includes the Eximus Class - a destroyer, the Prometheus Class - which while older than a few other ships, is still the most powerful ship in the fleet armed with shield destroying torpedoes, a Slipstream drive and multi quantum torpedo launchers and phasor banks, as well as the introduction of ablative armor on the intrepid class of vessel. There were attempts made by Starfleet to adapt the armor for other classes of ship, but it proved to be impracticable on other classes of vessels. Since then the Borg have attempted many times to assimilate technology that has originated from another quadrant or from the future, but each time they have failed. They only ever gained this type of technology once, when the assimilated an intrepid class of vessel...
But in the immediate past the Federation and it's ships have seen phases in and out of our time, space and continuum, or universe. Theorists have thought of many ideas about why this is happening, such as Parallel universes, Q, even Voyager was examined, but her Captain's older self was not to blame. The Federation are becoming more desperate to find out why, where and to who else this might be happening to. Recently, and most seriously a Romulan warbird was phased out of time and space and it re-appeared inside of a sovereign class vessel two days later, destroying both ships. So as a result of this and other factors Starfleet, the Romulan Empire, the Borg (even the Klingons believe this is an honourable quest) and all the other major powers in Alpha and Beta quadrants have been ordered by their governments to investigate this problem, by firstly travelling to the source of the time-space shifting, on the fringes of the galaxy...

I have edited the missions to the best that I can and there is a storyline there - I only think that it would have been more interesting if I could have edited the missions properly. Also the answer to what is causing the disruptions is at the end of the missions � but anyone who can mod can find the answer in one of the mod files. (I won�t tell it�s too easy enough). I don�t really like the story�s ending � so I think that I�ll edit it for the next one � mail me bout it with any comments or ideas!

This mod has been created mainly from ships that were already in existence before this mod was made; please see the credits part at the end of this document for all acknowledgments for all who�s generosity in letting me use their creations allowed this mod to exist.

****************LIST OF ADDITIONS / REPLACEMENTS made in the federation addon version 1.01*************

Federation Side - (In order of old ships replaced)

Federation constructions have a cloaking device (can build with it activated)
Federation repair ships have a cloaking device
Venture Class replaced by Delta Flyer Class
Sabre Class replaced by Ares Class
Defiant Class replaced by Nova Class
Akira Class replaced by Norway Class
Intrepid Class vessels have ablative armor
Iwo Jima Class replaced by Iwo Jima - Refit (Blitzkrieg class)
Steamrunner Class will be replaced by the Achilles Class
Galaxy Class replaced by Opaka Class
Aegian Class has been replaced by the Scorpion Class
Nebula Class has been replaced by the Kaleb Class
Antimatter Mine added
Eximus Class added
The Wells class has been added
The Guncutter class has been added as a starbase defender
Prometheus Class added
I have used the Holoship as an advanced construction ship (with cloaking device)
A few of the ships (Kaleb, Delta, Prometheus, Intrepid) also now have a slipstream drive)
I think that�s all of them � spot any problems in the read-me? � then just mail me what�s wrong!
Battlestation created
Federation Base has a new texture
Federation starting base is like the HQ.

If anyone sees that anything is missing or not right in the mod, please mail me -

Fixed Bugs from BETA version

Found that on some machines a file would have messed dependencies � corrected

Some of the wireframes were not right. This is because I need people to help or I need to find them somewhere on them web (which is very BIG!!).

I have since learned how to create wire-frames (with a little help from Porty) and have created a lot of them myself � however a few of them still have that black background. (damn!!)

Other discrepancies in Version 1.01

The AI of the federation is still not right � I am working on this and if you have any idea please mail me!

Also Like I said some of the wire-frames still have a black background rather than a transparent one � but I think that that�s a minor problem.

The problem is in the alpha channels and maybe one or two is compressed I think � but I cannot get it right � so if you correct it mail me.

I have also been told by a tester that when you install the graphics may go a �little screwy�, I�m not sure why this is as it does not happen on mine � however it should rectify after a restart. Also he said that the SOD of the hypergate slows down the game � again this doesn�t happen on mine and any suggestions as to why this is happening would be greatly appreciated.

**********************************CREDITS - alphabetical order by Ship Class***************************************
THANX GUYS!!!!!!!!!
All odfs were created by concept:future unless otherwise stated

Achilles Class
by Major A Payne - used in the Borg Incursion mod (see end of credits)
I created the wireframe

Advanced Construction Ship (fholoship)
SOD, hard points, and bb by APCMmkII
texture was made by APCMmkII of a paramount schematic
I created the wireframe

Antimatter Mine
Edited to federation design by

Ares Class
Original Mesh by Marklar downloaded from
Armada-Conversion by APCMmkII
I created the wireframe

Federation Base
New texture by Mangledduk

New Battlestation
By Michael Raab

Blitzkrieg Class by:
(Derived from the SAO Homeworld project, Original model creator which the Blitzkrieg is kitbashed from is currently "unknown", Texture set courtesy of Zorg001, Kitbash of the Blitzkrieg courtesy of Mackie) � from Major Payne�s Borg Incursion 2 mod

Delta Flyer Class
was created by voyager009 (ted h)

Eximus Class by: - Design, Mesh and Texture by Cleeve
Converted to sod by APCMmkII
bb, and hard points by APCMmkII
I created the wireframe

Federation Construction ship and repair ship
were created by Activision/mad doc � odfs edited by me

By Activision (I tried to use another, but the textures clashed and the other textures were more important � I didn�t explain that very well did I!)

Guncutter class
by Major A Payne - used in the Borg Incursion mod (see end of credits)
(Original Nakota model creation and concept: Courtesy of Gabriel "Mind Blip" Crown ( Gun Cutter kitbash creation and concept: Courtesy of Hollis J Wood( Sovereign Nacelles and Akira weapon pod: Courtesy of Andy "Deemon" Johns.)
I edited the wireframe

Intrepid Class Armor
by voyager009 (ted h)
original SOD and textures from Paramount/Activision/Mad Doc

Kaleb Class and Scorpion Class
created by Major A Payne initially for use in the Section 31 mod and Borg Incursion Mod
I edited the wire frame for the Kaleb

Norway Class by:
Model and textures, by Deemon
WireFrame and button by Westworld

Nova Class
by Spectre
Wireframe by Yerasimo Amici

Opaka Class
created by Trekkie
I created the wireframe

Prometheus Class
by Deemon

Wells Class
by *unknown*

I think that�s all of them � if I�ve missed credit out for one please mail me! And sorry if there�s a mistake anywhere in the mod � I�m only human!

Ships used in Borg Incursion - Credits should also go to Deemon, Westworld, Quevey, and Starforce2 as well as Lord Bile, Raven NX and Mind Blip for their inspirations.

Also I want to thank Porty7 for his help with sorting out some of the wireframes
And Porty and Steve Wilson for help with the Ai

As well as Jkerplay, Chris D, Omega1989 and Anthony Thompson for trying to help with the AI

Also to Westworld who without a lot of people may not have been able to mod as well as they do now!

Thanks to Omega1989 and DaKing for testing the mod (and being patient!)

The Prometheus class is meant to be there at the start when playing as the Federation, I decided that having something bigger than a scout would make more sense as you could defend the base. When I create and release the other sides � the Borg for example will have the advanced tactical cube � the Romulans the Valdores class � the Alliance the Dominion Dreadnaught and so on.

Also I have put both bases there because (for starters) people have requested, and I like the look of, the HQ style base. But then there was a problem with the techtrees -> The HQ base was too big (memory wise) to be building them everywhere � so I decided to only give on at the start of a Instant Action game.

Thanx for downloading my mod, and thanx again to all those people who have let me use their great mods to create


All ships/stations that I have not given credit to were created by Activision/Mad Doc. This project is in no way affiliated or authorized by Activision, MadDOC Software, or any subsidiaries, sub divisions, company members or other such affiliates to the aforementioned companies or other companies included in the development of Armada 2. They cannot be held liable or responsible for your actions concerning inappropriate usage of the files contained in this mod. Please refrain from contacting any of the above parties with regards to problems arising from any kind of usage of the files contained in the mod, as no support is given. You are responsible for your own usage of this mod, and are dictated by the standard terms governing its usage. This includes extenuating circumstances in which 3rd party alteration to the included files may cause problems (although this will be very rare), or damage to the users system. In this case I cannot be held liable for such misuse, but I will provide any help or support as far as I can.

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#31 Cooler_99 2006-08-05 04:00
hey i don't know if you noticed but i can't repair my intrepid class and if there is no more crew then i can't transport because the life suport stays disabeld! :mad:

for the rest: IT LOOKS GREAT! :thumbsup:
#32 Aflac 2006-10-11 21:03
I noticed everyone time the Cardassians are on Insant Action, the game crashes.

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