Borg A1 Refit Borg A1 Refit

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Omega1989, 2002-10-21

This mod will replace all the ships and stations with their A1 versions.

_______________________________________ _____________________________________________
(_______________________________________)Borg A1 Refit(_____________________________________________)
/ \
| |Author: Omega1989
| |
| |E-mail
| |
| |Changed: All Borg textures/sods that were in Armada 1 have been changed back to the
| | Armada 1 versions, except the Sphere and the Cube. Some ODFs were changed
| | too, to get the sizes right. The icons were also changed to the A1 ones.
| |
| |Version: V 1.0
| |
| |Installation: Just unzip into your Armada II directory.
| |
| |Description: When I first played A2 I was suprised that the Borg had changed so much. I
| | thought the A1 ones were much better, so I changed them, once I'd learnt how.
| | Hope you like the change.
| |
| |Bugs: The shipyards take up much more build area than they do physicaly. If anyone
| | knows how to fix this or finds any other bugs please e-mail me.
| |
| |Legal Stuff: You may not any part of this MOD without my permision, which can be obtained
| | through e-mail. You may post this MOD on your website as long as this readme
| | is included, though it would be nice if you sent me an e-mail to tell me.
| |
| | Enjoy!

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#1 Omega1989 2002-10-22 11:37
Oh yeah, forgot to add in the readme that research stations are not changed either.

#2 AdmiralQ 2002-10-24 07:31
FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!Someone who like the A1 version better way to goRock :borg: :borg:
#3 MajorPayne 2002-10-25 22:03
Omega. I hate to tell you this but you may be breaking the ELU by stating the "You can not use any part of this mod without my permission" in your readme. The original files you switched back are copyright of Activision, paramount and other bodies which are connected to these two companies.

(BTW. This isn't so much a nitpick, as a friendly word of warning).

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