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Model.png 2 Armada 1 Stargates

(10 votes)

This, as with the other gates recently submitted replaces the wormhole, One gate is the Atlantis version and the other is the Ori supergate.

 Kevin Johnson 2006-06-17   3.57 MB 2,619 Comments: 10

Model.png 304 Texture Upgrade

(7 votes)

Does exactly what it says on the tin! The resolution looks a bit sharper on this one, so I think this will make a difference.

 ColdDarkParanoia 2006-03-11   114.13 KB 1,591 Comments: 1

Model.png A1 Stargate

(8 votes)

This is a great idea, abeit for Armada 1. This simply drops in and replaces the stock wormhole, making it look like a stargate.

 Kevin Johnson 2006-06-10   2.59 MB 696 Comments: 8

Model.png A1 Stargate

(5 votes)

This is an improvement on the gate submitted recently. This drops in replacing the wormhole with a Stargate.

 Kevin Johnson 2006-06-12   123.24 KB 984 Comments: 15

Model.png Achilles Class (Atlantis Retrofit)

(4 votes)

This is the retrofitted version of the Achilles Class released by Greathor a short while ago.

 Greathor 2006-08-01   602.16 KB 1,464 Comments: 4

Model.png Achilles Class (Atlantis Retrofit) High Quality

(8 votes)

Everybody, its official "Greathor's send-in-a-load-of-awesome-ships Week"...not that I'm complaining and nor should you.

 Greathor 2006-08-02   1.03 MB 1,941 Comments: 8

Model.png Achilles Class (Milky Way Variant)

(6 votes)

This is one of two versions of Greathor's take on the Achilles class that is based on a Milky Way version of the vessel (as opposed to one sent to Peg…

 Greathor 2006-07-21   560.20 KB 1,084 Comments: 17

Model.png Achilles Class (Milky Way Variant) High Quality

(8 votes)

What we have here is a stunning re-make of Greathor's Achilles Class Stargate Dreadnaught.

 Greathor 2006-08-02   831.40 KB 1,115 Comments: 5

Model.png Achilles Class (Stargate Ship)

(11 votes)

Well, what we have here is a nice ship from the Stargate universe. From a quick glance, she looks like a retextured Prometheus, but still has that "ne…

 Cylon54 2006-07-17   218.86 KB 1,871 Comments: 3

Model.png Alkesh

(8 votes)

This is your simple, run-o-the-mill Alkesh bomber. As opposed to the cargo ship, this one has useable weapons to take on annoying little fighters, or…

 Greathor 2006-09-30   675.76 KB 2,245 Comments: 8