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Model.png Anubis Ha'tak refit

(8 votes)

This is the Ha'Tak refit that Anubis produced. Whilse I can't put my finger on what the changes are from the other Ha'tak this is definately differen…

 Greathor 2006-09-01   1.53 MB 2,345 Comments: 9

Model.png Anubis's Flagship 1.1

(6 votes)

This is Anubis's Flagship from Stargate SG-1 seen in the episode "Full Circle, Fallen, Homecoming and Lost City".

 mikemckeon007 2008-02-21   2.13 MB 1,403 Comments: 8

Model.png Apophis's Mothership

(14 votes)

Now this is a pretty neat looking ship (and for Stargate). My first glance of it I managed to see a normal Stargate Ship, crossed with a Shadow battle…

 Greathor 2006-09-03   71.73 KB 2,656 Comments: 11

Model.png arturus v1.0

(0 votes)

This is an arcturus Class starship Included in this mod are: SOD file Ship textures Ship ODF Recommend downloading "Ancients Drone Weapon"

 Anonymous 2010-12-17   807.94 KB 594 Comments: 5

Model.png Asgard Beliskner class warship

(11 votes)

While we have got a couple of Beliskners on the site already this one is by far the best.

 Greathor 2006-10-05   1.12 MB 2,537 Comments: 12

Model.png Asgard O'neill Class (Spoiler Warning)

(10 votes)

From Mail: Please can you remind people when posting this ship that in england most poeple have only seen up to seasopn 8, we dont want it spoiled for…

 ColdDarkParanoia 2006-03-24   2.59 MB 3,389 Comments: 30

Model.png Asguard "Daniel Jackson" Class

(8 votes)

It could be me, but I don't remember seeing this in the series' (SG-1 or Atlantis) and if no-one else has, then hurrah for the first made-up Stargate…

 Cylon54 2006-04-06   401.32 KB 2,219 Comments: 0

Model.png Aurora

(13 votes)

Featured in "Stargate: Atlantis", the Aurora was an Ancient Cruiser which I believe was designed to fight the Wraith.

 Greathor 2006-09-11   1.07 MB 3,320 Comments: 11

Model.png BC-304 1.6

(20 votes)

It's with equally great pride that I present to you a corrected BC-304 cruiser, from Stargate SG-1, now with weapons! There are a number of changes i…

 peanutbutter 2008-05-12   1.32 MB 1,861 Comments: 10

Model.png BC-304, "Daedalus" 1.0

(17 votes)

First he gave us the puddle Jumper. Then he gives us the Wraith Dart. Now, we are blessed with a ship to take on the Wraith with a few more guns then…

 ColdDarkParanoia 2006-03-09   652.21 KB 2,049 Comments: 32