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Kevin Johnson, 2006-06-10

This is a great idea, abeit for Armada 1. This simply drops in and replaces the stock wormhole, making it look like a stargate.

this is the first model i ever made i know its not 100% i plan to fix it just put in main folder
replace stock if asked and play. the gate replaces the stock whormhole
if you have any questins email me at

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#1 Cylon54 2006-06-10 13:53
nice to see somthing 4 A1 :-)
#2 KevinJohnson 2006-06-10 16:24
i fixed it so it stands up and it dosent grow and ship dosent stretch ill submit it in a few minuts
#3 Freyr 2006-06-11 00:19
I think the Stargate team for A2 might be interested in this, would you object to it being converted to A2 and used in the Stargate mod?
#4 MajorPayne 2006-06-11 00:23
Its good, but the model really does need some heavy work done to it. Kevin. If you want a much better atlantis gate then pm me via the forum or contact me via email.
#5 KevinJohnson 2006-06-11 00:46
no Freyr i wuldent mind i submited a better one sod dose need work yes
#6 RS_Locutus 2006-06-11 21:29
it would be seriously cool if there was a way to make it so that instead of grow it stays the same size (larger that what it appears) but when inactive there is no wormhole active, meaning the ring is there but it isn't active. and when a ship goes through it lights up and opens! including the outburst that comes out. another thing is it would be cool if u could build them, and put a sheild over it. when the sheild goes up, and ship going through would be destroyed, but the wormhole not lost. Another thing would be a manual shut off, so it can cut power while ships are going through or something. and maybe a dial system, so it could go to different gates. Like u need to build a network, and have a method of selecting which one goes to which, i know it doesn't seem possible, but that doesn't stop me from saying it's cool. u think it would be cool?
#7 KevinJohnson 2006-06-11 22:18
well i submited a new one that stands up and it dosent grow and ship dosent stretch and idont no why its not here yet and all the other stuff you said wuld be hard if not impossible
#8 Freyr 2006-06-12 05:26
Sorry, adding files is a manual process so one of us has to review it before it gets onto the site, hence the delay.

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