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Greathor, 2006-09-30

This is your simple, run-o-the-mill Alkesh bomber. As opposed to the cargo ship, this one has useable weapons to take on annoying little fighters, or in (large) groups, taken out a Ha'tak cruiser, just don't expect one of these to go toe-to-toe with one of them because it'll be simply obliterated. That would obviously be a shame for such a finely done ship here by Greathor. It's set-up for being a scout with a quick build time, few resources and low defence rating but do not underestimate these in groups as like any swarm, they can be absolutely deadly.

Talking about the quality of the mod, it certainly looks good and is a decent replica of the on-screen CGI version. It comes with a build button, wireframe and admiral's pic which also up-hold its quality. There isn't that much more to say on this. It's good, by all means, but perhaps just lacking that "wow" factor to make it really stand out. Regardless, for Stargate fans, this'll be a must have and for non-Stargate fans...if you want a cargo ship to'll be wanting this.

| Alkesh Bomber Installation Read-me |
| Read-me created by: |
| wraith_shadow |

Step 1 -
Add the alkesh.odf to the /odf/ships folder
Step 2 -
Add the alkesh.sod to the /sod folder
Step 3 -
Add the following files to the /textures/rgb folder

Step 4 -
Add the alkesh.bmp to /bitmaps/AdmiralsLog/ShipImages folder
Step 5 -
Add the following lines to "sprites/gui_global.spr" below,
" @reference=64
@tmaterial=interface "

b_alkesh gbalkesh 0 0 64 64

(if the buttons doesn't appear properly then change the last two numbers to 128)
Step 6 -
Add the following lines to "sprites/gui_global.spr" below,
" # Federation wireframes "
alkeshw1 walkesh 40 0 40 40
alkeshw2 walkesh 0 40 40 40
alkeshw3 walkesh 40 40 40 40
alkeshw4 walkesh 80 0 40 40
alkeshw5 walkesh 0 0 40 40

(if there is already a "@reference=128", just start copying at alkeshw1)
Step 7 -
Add the following line to techtree/ and fulltech

alkesh.odf 0
Step 8 -
Add the following line to the station that you wish your Alkesh Bomber to be build from
odf/stations/(station of choice).odf

buildItemX = "alkesh"

remember to replace X with the next number in the sequence.

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#1 Cooler_99 2006-09-30 11:48
this is soooo sweeeettt :devil: :donut:
#2 wraith_shadow 2006-09-30 13:15
opps, forgot to add the texture files. don't really need them, but just make sure that you move ALL files with the extension .tga to the "textures/rgb" folder.
#3 Adam_Atlantian 2006-09-30 21:28
I mean this with all my love.

I am truely horrified. It's like watching a scene out of the show.
#4 Greathor 2006-10-01 11:33
Thanks guy's.
#5 wraith_shadow 2006-10-01 17:54
#3, what exactly are you trying to say?

normally when you are horrified, it means that the model is ugly. But then you say its like a scene from the show...
#6 Greathor 2006-10-01 17:57
Its as good as the show, thats what he's saying (I think)
#7 lorddreead 2007-04-04 15:16
dude you rock i love stargate and all the ships your making are just tooo kickass

thnaks for all tthe ships
#8 lorddreead 2007-04-04 15:29
ok dude for the gui_global.sp thing it wont open as a writable file

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