Achilles Class (Atlantis Retrofit) Achilles Class (Atlantis Retrofit)

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Greathor, 2006-08-02

Everybody, its official "Greathor's send-in-a-load-of-awesome-ships Week"...not that I'm complaining and nor should you.

His latest release is that off real beauty. Personally and apparently along with quite a few others, the Pegasus variant of the Achilles Class Stargate Dreadnaught looked as if it had more charm, more grace and a bit more awesomeness tucked away in its textures. I can assure you, that definitely haven't changed. In fact, it seems each of those factors has been dramatically enhanced with this equal-high-quality version of the Milky Way variant. This ship, like that one, boasts some very nice new features, including additional polys used to make the design more independent, including the "base"-flat thing on top of the design standing out more than the original retrofitted version.

Simply, it's a texture upgrade over the other high quality design, but what a variant! Same problems as the other though, involving the lack of a wireframe, build button and admiral's pic which I assure you is the only downfall of the mod. I seriously suggest those who feel higher poly models aren't a problem get this immediately because it's just oh-so-good to look at in-game. It's real dominating sight, then again, it's a dreadnaught; it's supposed to do that! Stargate fans, there's no but to this, download this ship immediately!

This is the new Achilles class for the Stargate Universe

This model is higher in poly count than the other Achilles class, but is much sharper and stargatey than the other version


Model: Greathor
ODF: Greathor
Hp's: Greathor
Textures: Lori King (origionally from ja)

If you wish to use this ship in your mod, please contact me first.

There is no buildbutton, wireframe, or admiral's pic.

Place the textures into the textures/RGB
Place the odf in odf/ships
Place the SOD in SOD

For whichever ship you downloaded, add the respectable line of code into fyard2.odf
under buildItems

buildItemXX = "achilles"
buildItemXX = "achillesatlantis"

tech tree

achilles.odf 2 fyard2.odf fupgrade.odf
achillesatlantis.odf 2 fyard2.odf fupgrade.odf

Version  High Quality  Author  Greathor  Website   
Downloads  1,866  Size  1.03 MB  Created  2006-08-02 



#1 Majest 2006-08-02 17:11
Nicely done again Greathor, though putting turrets on these kind of spoil them.
#2 Greathor 2006-08-02 17:54
I tried to keep to the origional as much as possible, so the turrets were a must ;-)
#3 draconis_sharp 2006-08-03 09:33
Personally, I think there needs to be more contrast between the bridge and the rest of the hull.
#4 commannen 2006-08-15 07:45
bah, uncannyness, model is good but it isnt real, so plz dont call it stargate.
#5 hammer419 2006-08-23 14:55
I built the ship but it will not move.
#6 order 2006-08-30 23:54
the ship wont move
#7 darleyboy 2006-09-05 14:06
to those to whom the ships will not move

go into the achilles'es odf file,then scroll to the bottom and delete the physics and trek physics part,then it should move.

and to commannen on #4

it is a fan based STARGATE ship,designed for us to use with other STARGATE ship.

so shut the hell up if you dont like it.
#8 Karle94 2006-12-22 12:59
What a hell are you doing? the ship have an god damn weaponry the ship are scrap on the battlefield get some better weapons and shield. :mad:

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