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Model.png ARC-170 Starfighter

(1 vote)

This is the ARC-170 starfighter as seen in Star Wars:RotS. This is actually a rebuild of Amateur's original model, so it is technically his model with…

 Adm_Zaxxon 2011-09-10   1.43 MB 268 Comments: 0

Model.png Aurek Fighter

(5 votes)

A fighter to go along side the Sith Interdictor that we had not so long ago. You can't really see it too well in the screenshots, so I've added the HP…

 Admiral_Icehawk 2006-12-24   249.18 KB 578 Comments: 5

Model.png Billy9's X-wing

(8 votes)

An X-wing with Ion Cannons... hmm, I thought thats what B-wings were for...

 Billy9 2004-10-24   79.97 KB 775 Comments: 0

Model.png Cloaking X-Wing

(14 votes)

From the readme: This mod gives the federation a buffed up cloakable xwing. It can be built from the normal ship yard.

 WASAAP 2002-10-17   330.81 KB 2,350 Comments: 9

Model.png Darth Vader Mod for SWFC v0.9

(5 votes)

NOTE: THIS MOD REQUIRES THE VERSION 1.2.5 PATCH! This adds Darth Vader, the TIE Advanced X1, and new sounds to your SWFC game.

 mishkaco 2008-05-12   1.79 MB 622 Comments: 1

Model.png DeathStar 1.0

(11 votes)

The death star in this mod comes from the stvssw mod. The pulse phaser was created by "Jc". The fumod phaser was created by "CaptainFuture".

 Unknown / Anonymous 2002-07-31   2.26 MB 2,748 Comments: 10

Model.png Executor Star Destroyer 2008 Entry: New Ship

(8 votes)

This is some truly fantastic work by Starfox1701, bringing the formidable Executor, Darth Vader's own command ship, into A2.

 starfox1701 2009-01-31   15.10 MB 1,018 Comments: 11

Model.png Heavy Corvette

(9 votes)

Another high detail ship for SW:FC yes it si the Heavy Corvette sorry but i am nto in to starwars so cant rely rate it

 Captain Steve 2003-06-18   93.19 KB 1,744 Comments: 10

Model.png Imperial Star Destroyer

(69 votes)

Ever wonder who would win a battle if you put a Star Destroyer vs a borg cube or FC? Well here is your chance to duke out a famous battle To install…

 wolf362 2002-06-27   505.65 KB 10,394 Comments: 0

Model.png Imperial Star Destroyer

(6 votes)

Ok, even though this is a simple Mesh (and not Armada II ready) it has got to be the best Star Destroyer model avaliable for A2, SFC or BC.

 Major A Payne 2007-02-22   817.33 KB 739 Comments: 7