ARC-170 Starfighter ARC-170 Starfighter

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Adm_Zaxxon, 2011-09-10

This is the ARC-170 starfighter as seen in Star Wars:RotS. This is actually a rebuild of Amateur's original model, so it is technically his model with a edits and new textures. Included in this pack are several models(in sod format and one .ms3d) and textures. Just as with the V-wing, I have not included the usual buttons wireframes, odf's etc because it will be in my FO mod. Again, the models are complete, hardpointed and ready to go ingame if you have the skills to do that yourself. I have included a standard red texture, and a Razor squadron version, each with their own sod which I hope you will use and enjoy!

Hello and thank you for downloading!! This is my rebuild of Amateur's Star Wars Arc-170 starfighter model for Star Trek: Armada 2.

Firstly, Credits: Full credit for the model goes to the Amateur. I simply rebuilt certain sections to suit my needs. The Textures are completely made by me(becides logos and the Razor squad decal which is from a picture of the ship made by Hasbro(tm))

And in case you guys are wondering, I have full permission concerning these models...

What this mod is: A rebuild of amateurs model with a couple texture varations Ready to be modded into your install*. It is made because I wanted to do it, bot because I thought his model needed a rebuild. :)

What this is not: Lower poly than the original.(not too much more either) It is not, in any way better than the original. Also, this does not contain buttons, wireframes, odf's or anything else other than models and texutres. They are hardpointed and ready to go ingame, but you will have to do that yourself. A hardpoint map may be provided as well.


Permissions: You may feel free release texture edits of this mod, however if you want to re-release the model, you will need permission from Amateur(which I believe he is happy to give). Feel free to edit the mesh, hardpoints, kitbash, or whatever you like, just please contact Amateur first before you release it publicly. If you do release it, please credit me Adm. Zaxxon for the textures, and Amateur for the model. If you want to release this on another site other than A2files, MSFC, or please tell me and Amateur where!

Contact: You will find me active on the fleetops and msfc forums(Adm_Z) where you can contact me easily via PM or whatever else.

you may also contact me via email, but I prefer the forums:

Amateur is also available via the same forums, but is more active on msfc. If you want, you can contact me and I can ask him any questions you may have. I am more than happy to help.

Again, thanks for downloading, and have fun!

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