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Captain Steve, 2003-06-18

another high detail ship for SW:FC yes it si the Heavy Corvette sorry but i am nto in to starwars so cant rely rate it

This is my Heavy Corvette mod for the Rebel and Imperial sides of Star
Wars Fleet Command.I've only tested this with version 1.1, nothing
else.(This however may work with earlier versions)

I created this to add a small cheap little ship with good firepower
(like the Corellian Gunship) to the Empire. It's been balanced to fit there.
Result, you have a you have a ship that's like the Corellian Gunship
but is cheaper and faster to produce than the Gunship (which the Empire lacked).
Have fun.

to install:
put the ahcorv and ihcorv files into your stations/odf file
put the amsl5 & amsl5o files into the odf/weapons/photons folder
put the demotech, fulltech, nofight, noboth, and tech1 files in
your techtree folder
put the gui_global into the sprites folder

That's it.

If you don't like it or have any suggestions contact me at

Me(Captain Steve)- edited odfs, techtrees, etc.
The SW VS. ST team for creating the mod.

The techtrees and gui_global also support my Victroy 3 mod so you
can just put them in without a problem.

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#1 8472pinkblobs 2003-06-18 17:37
looks much more like Tantive IV
#2 Captain_Steve 2003-06-18 19:02
it uses the same textures as the standard corvette (which looks just like the Tantive IV). i just edited the odfs to make it more of a threat
#3 Captain_Reisen 2003-06-18 20:39
It plays much as a corvette should (can dish out more abuse than it can take) but one question (more for the FilesStaff): why is this listed as a station?

:borg: Resistance is futile :borg:
#4 Guest 2003-11-07 19:15
could someone make a tie fighter with all the files?
#5 Captain_Steve 2003-12-22 16:17
what do you mean? as in a TIE for the regular A2?
#6 Wraith_166 2004-08-20 03:46
Would someone PLEASE make an Interdictor Cruiser for A2? The ability to trap an opponent without his warp capabilities, and then slaughter him with a meciless barrage of laser fire appeals to me (and others I'm sure). The Interdictor is armed with 20 Quad Lasers (Like the Millennium Falcon) but no Concussion Missiles- just 4 Proton Torpedo Tubes, and give it a Gravity Well special weapon, because it has 4 of those as well.
#7 Smitter03 2004-09-12 03:50
What you can do is download SW:FC and take the interdictor files from there and merge them with A2. That's what I did...obviously you have to change some tech tree stuff, but it works.
#8 Smitter03 2004-09-12 03:51
and props for the great corvette. It Rock
#9 Captain_Steve 2004-09-13 08:20
well that's pretty much what this mod entails. it's not hard to do as the odfs, sods and weapons are a cut and paste job. you'd have to edit the techtrees on your own. the hardest part would be finding the correct textures.
#10 willsk8forfood15 2006-04-17 18:25
What mod are you using it in Steve? Because I really likre the inteface.

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