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Model.png Republic Light Cruiser

(1 vote)

This is the light cruiser that is shown in formation with the "Hammerhead" ship at the battle of the Starforge, and other places in the KOTR games.

 Admiral_Icehawk 2007-02-14   276.09 KB 749 Comments: 4

Model.png Republic Star Destroyer

(12 votes)

Well hear is a new ship for SW:FC the Republic Star Destroyer

 Unknown / Anonymous 2003-06-13   1,015.82 KB 2,881 Comments: 20

Model.png Sith Interdictor

(2 votes)

I'm assuming this is a Star Wars sip, going by the 'Sith' part of the file name.

 Admiral_Icehawk 2006-12-21   637.72 KB 898 Comments: 4

Model.png Slave 1

(9 votes)

This is a nicely modeled Slave 1 by Borg124. Worth a download if you're a Star Wars buff, but you need a little modding experience to use it in-game.…

 Borg124 2002-08-18   683.78 KB 961 Comments: 4

Model.png STW Fighter Pack

(4 votes)

The STW Episode 2 Delta-7 aethersprite Jedifighter and the Rebel Assault 2 V38 TIE-Phantom.

 Terradyhne 2005-07-25   427.83 KB 857 Comments: 8

Model.png Super Star Destroyer 2.0

(6 votes)

Impressive. Most impressive. This is an updated version of my conversion of Eviljedi's SSD.

 starfox1701 2010-09-11   14.62 MB 597 Comments: 1

Model.png Trade Federation Droid Fighter

(6 votes)

This ship is great when u have alot of them. Its isn't big but when u get enough they become a real threat!

 Coffee Boy 2002-06-27   131.54 KB 1,258 Comments: 2

Model.png V-Wing Starfighter 1.0

(1 vote)

This is the V-Wing starfighter as seen in Star Wars:RotS. This is my first model, but it turned out pretty well considering.

 Adm_Zaxxon 2011-09-10   3.29 MB 228 Comments: 4

Model.png Victory 3 for Federation

(3 votes)

This is the Victory 3 mod for the Federation in Armada 2. It was created this to fill the gap in between the Victory 2/MC80a and ISD/MC80b.

 Captain Steve 2003-07-01   181.37 KB 674 Comments: 12

Model.png Victory 3 for Federation 1.1

(3 votes)

This is an updated version of the Victory 3 for Federation mod that Captain Steve relesed back in July. It has some major fixes.

 Captain Steve 2003-09-09   456.73 KB 1,765 Comments: 5