DeathStar DeathStar

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Unknown / Anonymous, 2002-07-31

The death star in this mod comes from the stvssw mod.
The pulse phaser was created by "Jc". The fumod phaser was created by "CaptainFuture". The
galaxy x phaser and the death star super laser also come from the stvssw mod.

Hello to everyone who downloads this. The death star in this mod comes from the stvssw mod.
The pulse phaser was created by \"Jc\". The fumod phaser was created by \"CaptainFuture\". The
galaxy x phaser and the death star super laser also come from the stvssw mod.

To install this just copy all the files into their coresponing folders. The only thing you
have to do is choose which race to give it to and which contruction ship to put it in,
and I do suggest that you put it in a construction because it looks weird coming out of shipyard.
Below is a copy of the death star odf file the race change is whats in between the $ sign
You can make it borg, federation, romulan, klingon, cardassian, or species 8472.
The last thing to change is to put in a construction ship don\'t forget the number.

buildItem* = \"dstar\"

Sorry i forgot one more thing you have to add it to the gui_global

#include \"battle.odf\"


//Name of Ship class in Ship Display window & in edit mode & tooltip
unitName = \"Death Star\"
tooltip = \"Death Star\"
verboseTooltip = \"The Ultimate Battlestation in the universe, but insignificant compared to the power of The Force.\"

//Race which can build ship & starting race of ship
race = \"borg\"

//Amount of time required to build ship
buildTime = 30.0

//Number of officers required to build this ship
officerCost = 1

//Number of crew required to build ship & Starting crew
crewCost = 0

//Dilithium Cost to build
dilithiumCost = 50000

//Max Shield Strength & Begining Shield Strength <1000
maxHealth = 10000000

//Rate at which shield recharges (points per second... we think)
shieldRate = 500

shieldGeneratorHitPoints = 300000
enginesHitPoints = 250000
weaponsHitPoints = 250000
lifeSupportHitPoints = 250000
sensorsHitPoints = 250000

//Shield absorbs all damage until it\'s gone
shieldProtection = 1.0

//Maximum Value of Special Energy
maxSpecialEnergy = 500000

//Rate at which special energy recharges (points per second... we think)
specialEnergyRate = 15.0

//Possible Craft Names
possibleCraftNames =
\"Death Star\" \"The Butt Kicker 2000\" \"Reaper\" \"Terror\" \"Guardian\" \"Vengeance\" \"Aggressor\" \"Brawl\" \"Iron Fist\" \"Lusankya\" \"Knight Hammer\" \"Intimidator\" \"Avenger\"


weapon1 = \"dslaser\"
weaponHardpoints1 = \"hp01\"

weapon2 = \"dslaser\"
weaponHardpoints2 = \"hp01\"

weapon3 = \"dtlaser\"
weaponHardpoints3 = \"hp01\"

weapon4 = \"dtlaser\"
weaponHardpoints4 = \"hp01\"

weapon5 = \"fglxphas\"
weaponHardpoints5 = \"hp02\" \"hp13\" \"hp11\" \"hp22\"

weapon6 = \"fglxphas\"
weaponHardpoints6 = \"hp03\" \"hp14\" \"hp12\" \"hp23\"

weapon7 = \"fglxphas\"
weaponHardpoints7 = \"hp04\" \"hp15\" \"hp02\" \"hp13\"

weapon8 = \"fglxphas\"
weaponHardpoints8 = \"hp05\" \"hp16\" \"hp03\" \"hp14\"

weapon9 = \"fglxphas\"
weaponHardpoints9 = \"hp06\" \"hp17\" \"hp04\" \"hp15\"

weapon10 = \"fglxphas\"
weaponHardpoints10 = \"hp07\" \"hp18\" \"hp05\" \"hp16\"

weapon11 = \"fglxphas\"
weaponHardpoints11 = \"hp08\" \"hp19\" \"hp06\" \"hp17\"

weapon12 = \"fglxphas\"
weaponHardpoints12 = \"hp09\" \"hp20\" \"hp07\" \"hp18\"

weapon13 = \"fglxphas\"
weaponHardpoints13 = \"hp10\" \"hp21\" \"hp08\" \"hp19\"

weapon14 = \"fglxphas\"
weaponHardpoints14 = \"hp11\" \"hp22\" \"hp09\" \"hp20\" \"hp01\"

weapon15 = \"fglxphas\"
weaponHardpoints15 = \"hp12\" \"hp23\" \"hp10\" \"hp21\" \"hp01\"

weapon16 = \"fgalaxyphot\"
weaponHardpoints16 = \"hp02\" \"hp38\"

weapon17 = \"fgalaxyphot\"
weaponHardpoints17 = \"hp39\" \"hp20\"

weapon18 = \"fgalaxyphot\"
weaponHardpoints18 = \"hp02\" \"hp13\" \"hp11\" \"hp22\"

weapon19 = \"fgalaxyphot\"
weaponHardpoints19 = \"hp05\" \"hp16\" \"hp03\" \"hp14\"

weapon20 = \"fgalaxyphot\"
weaponHardpoints20 = \"hp09\" \"hp20\" \"hp07\" \"hp18\"

//Self Destruct
weapon21 = \"gselfdes\"
weaponHardpoints21 = \"hp28\" \"hp29\" \"hp30\"

// phaser inerring
weapon22 = \"fds9phas\"
weaponHardpoints22 = \"hp23\" \"hp26\"

// photon inerring
weapon23 = \"fds9phot\"
weaponHardpoints23 = \"hp40\" \"hp42\"

// phaser upper pilons
weapon24 = \"fds9phas\"
weaponHardpoints24 = \"hp25\" \"hp22\"

// photon upper pilons
weapon25 = \"fds9phot\"
weaponHardpoints25 = \"hp39\" \"hp43\"

// photon upper pilons
weapon26 = \"fds9phot\"
weaponHardpoints26 = \"hp38\" \"hp41\"

// phaser upper pilons
weapon27 = \"fds9phas\"
weaponHardpoints27 = \"hp27\" \"hp24\"

// photon inerring
weapon28 = \"fds9phot\"
weaponHardpoints28 = \"hp46\" \"hp48\"

// photon inerring
weapon29 = \"fds9phot\"
weaponHardpoints29 = \"hp45\" \"hp49\"

// photon inerring
weapon30 = \"fds9phot\"
weaponHardpoints30 = \"hp44\" \"hp47\"

//Self Destruct
weapon31 = \"fumod1\"
weaponHardpoints31 = \"hp28\" \"hp29\" \"hp30\"

// phaser inerring
weapon32 = \"fumod1\"
weaponHardpoints32 = \"hp23\" \"hp26\"

// photon inerring
weapon33 = \"fumod1\"
weaponHardpoints33 = \"hp40\" \"hp42\"

// phaser upper pilons
weapon34 = \"fumod1\"
weaponHardpoints34 = \"hp25\" \"hp22\"

// photon upper pilons
weapon35 = \"fumod1\"
weaponHardpoints35 = \"hp39\" \"hp43\"

// photon upper pilons
weapon36 = \"fumod1\"
weaponHardpoints36 = \"hp38\" \"hp41\"

// phaser upper pilons
weapon37 = \"fumod1\"
weaponHardpoints37 = \"hp27\" \"hp24\"

// photon inerring
weapon38 = \"fumod1\"
weaponHardpoints38 = \"hp46\" \"hp48\"

// photon inerring
weapon39 = \"fumod1\"
weaponHardpoints39 = \"hp45\" \"hp49\"

// photon inerring
weapon40 = \"fumod1\"
weaponHardpoints40 = \"hp44\" \"hp47\"

weapon41 = \"blpulse\"
weaponHardpoints41 = \"hp08\" \"hp19\" \"hp06\" \"hp17\"

weapon42 = \"blpulse\"
weaponHardpoints42 = \"hp09\" \"hp20\" \"hp07\" \"hp18\"

weapon43 = \"blpulse\"
weaponHardpoints43 = \"hp10\" \"hp21\" \"hp08\" \"hp19\"

weapon44 = \"blpulse\"
weaponHardpoints44 = \"hp11\" \"hp22\" \"hp09\" \"hp20\" \"hp01\"

weapon45 = \"blpulse\"
weaponHardpoints45 = \"hp12\" \"hp23\" \"hp10\" \"hp21\" \"hp01\"

weapon46 = \"blpulse\"
weaponHardpoints46 = \"hp02\" \"hp38\"

weapon47 = \"blpulse\"
weaponHardpoints47 = \"hp39\" \"hp20\"

weapon48 = \"blpulse\"
weaponHardpoints48 = \"hp02\" \"hp13\" \"hp11\" \"hp22\"

weapon49 = \"blpulse\"
weaponHardpoints49 = \"hp05\" \"hp16\" \"hp03\" \"hp14\"

weapon50 = \"blpulse\"
weaponHardpoints50 = \"hp09\" \"hp20\" \"hp07\" \"hp18\"

// Hardpoints to hit for various systems and other locations.
enginesTargetHardpoints = \"hp06\" \"hp07\" \"hp08\" \"hp09\" \"hp10\"
lifeSupportTargetHardpoints = \"hp11\" \"hp12\" \"hp13\" \"hp14\" \"hp15\"
weaponsTargetHardpoints = \"hp01\" \"hp02\" \"hp03\" \"hp04\" \"hp05\" \"hp26\" \"hp27\" \"hp28\" \"hp29\" \"hp30\" \"hp31\" \"hp32\" \"hp33\" \"hp34\" \"hp35\" \"hp36\"
shieldGeneratorTargetHardpoints = \"hp16\" \"hp17\" \"hp18\" \"hp19\" \"hp20\"
sensorsTargetHardpoints = \"hp21\" \"hp22\" \"hp23\" \"hp24\" \"hp25\"
hullTargetHardpoints = \"hp11\" \"hp12\" \"hp13\" \"hp14\" \"hp15\"
criticalTargetHardpoints = \"hp21\" \"hp22\" \"hp23\" \"hp24\" \"hp25\"


//AI system parameters
//These parameters influence how the AI evaluates and compares craft.

//An abstract number that represents how much extra strength must be
//used to attack this craft due to its weapons.
// (0.0=no weapons, 0.5 = average weapons, 1.0=many good weapons)
attackPower = 1.00f

//The normalized intrinsic value of a target. High value craft make good
//attack targets. (0.0=lowest value, 1.0=highest value)
intrinsicValue = 0.50f


//The multiplier for the delay between shots for weapons while in yellow status
weaponYellow = 1.0f

//The multiplier for the delay between shots for weapons while in red status
weaponRed = 2.0f

//change the scale
ScaleSOD = 1.4

// Obsolete, use hotkeyLabel
// keymapLabel = \"fed_battle\"
hotkeyLabel = \"HOTKEY_F4\"

Version  1.0  Author  Unknown / Anonymous  Website   
Downloads  2,751  Size  2.26 MB  Created  2002-07-31 



#1 Capt_Barbarian 2002-08-04 10:20
i know its out there where do i get it for armada 1
#2 cecilzero1 2002-08-19 01:43
convert it it shouldnt be that hard to do it all you hafta do is change the odf sprite and tech tree :D
#3 Darth 2002-11-15 03:53
I think its that i entered the wrong info into gui_global, but not sure...

the game crashes when it finishes building?

as far as i could figure i needed to add something like this:

b_dstar gbdeathstar 0 0 64 64

but it doesnt work

can anyone help? :sad:
#4 ClaesStefan 2003-01-12 01:33
Nr 3:

I installed in also but I get also the crash when it finished building from the construction ship.

Anyone who can help us?
#5 treknut104 2003-01-20 18:11
This is TOO COOL--but I can't use it beacuse I can't open the TT and SPR files--maybe U could put this in a .exe? =/=

ps: like the emoticon @ the end?
#6 Guest 2003-01-21 18:23
It is the super lasers get rid of them or change them and then the mod will work


weapon1 = "dslaser"

weaponHardpoints1 = "hp01"

also add this to you gui_global

b_dstar gbdstar 0 0 64 64

and dstar.odf 0 to fulltech and tech1
#7 Darth 2004-01-31 11:05
uhm.. i removed the superlaser, still doesnt work...

any ideas?
#8 ST_and_SW_Freak 2006-12-20 13:10
Maybe you messed it up with putting it in the Const ship. If not, try making it mobile. It worked for me once.
#9 Captain_Vampire 2011-11-02 20:27
i just downloaded the mod... hope it works
#10 Captain_Vampire 2011-11-09 16:17
not working... i'll try that modding stuff... but, how do i make it movable?

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