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starfox1701, 2010-10-23

The Sword of Kahless is by far one of the largest Klingon warships ever built. Called the B11 by the Federation the replaced the B10 Bloodstalker Class battleships in the late 2280s. 686M long and massing more then 7.6 million tons he is a monster that was not surpassed in Klingon naval architecture till the Negh'var came into use. Disruptors and heavy photon torpedoes make up the ships main battery. This is supplemented by an assault phaser cannon and powerful shields. 770 Klingon warriors stand ready at all times to battle the greatest foes of the Empire but the SOK can support a full armor brigade of ground troops when needed but these are not permanently stationed on board. Despite his mass he is much more maneuverable than either of his Federation contemporaries. Only the lack of a cloaking device mares the vessels specifications as the main reactor can't power the other systems and cloak a ship of this size using the available Klingon equipment. Expensive to build comparatively few ships of this class were constructed. The Empire however has goten a good return on their investment as members of this class survive and have continued to battle the enemies of the Empire through the dawn of the 25th century.

Klingon Battleship IKS qeyLIS betletH

Thank you for downloading this and for taking the time to read the readme file. This mod for A2 Version 1.1. Everything you need to run in game is present.


0. Credits
1. Installation
2. System Requirements
3. Online Multiplayer
4. Known Issues
5. Disclaimer
6. Contact
7. Distrubtion/Authorised download mirrors
8. Third party use

0 - Credits

Texture tweeks- me

SOD conversion-me



Log pics, Buildbuttons, and Wireframes-me

Disruptor sound from KA by Taladren.

Special thanks go out to the following people: -

Wicked Zombie for this model and textures.

Robert Palfrey for ship names.

FahreS for the information on LODs

You for Downloading it

The Armada II Files staff for a readme template

1 - Installation

Backup any files that will be overwritten if you wish to save them. Not Needed but is smart incase you or I make a mistake.

Unzip this into a temp or mod directory in your A2 install.

Copy the contents of each folder into the matching folders of you chosen A2 install.

Overwrite any requested files.

Now go to your sprite directory and open the gui_global.SPR file and at

# Klingon build buttons


b_kswordofqeylis gbsok 0 0 64 64


# Special weapon buttons


b_gassault gbplasmac00 0 0 64 64
b_gkshutt gbshuttle 0 0 64 64

and at

# Klingon wireframes


kswordofqeylisw1 wfsok 160 0 80 80
kswordofqeylisw2 wfsok 0 80 80 80
kswordofqeylisw3 wfsok 80 80 80 80
kswordofqeylisw4 wfsok 80 0 80 80
kswordofqeylisw5 wfsok 0 0 80 80

close and save

Now open the weapon.spr file and at the bottom add


hphoton tmpphotonB 0 0 32 32 @anim=tex4x4

AssPhas AssaultPhaser 0 0 128 32 @anim=tex1x4

close and save

Now open the tech1.tt file in the techtree directory. At the bottom of

// ***[ KLINGON SHIPS ]***************************


kswordofqeylis.odf 0 //TMP Battleship

and at the bottom of

// ***[ KLINGON SPECIAL WEAPONS ]*****************


gkshutt.odf 0 //admin shuttle
gassault.odf 0 //Assault phaser

close and save.

Now play and enjoy!

2 - System Requirements

This mod is designed to work best with stock 1.1 A2. The model is a high quality model around 5684 polies; however every effort has been made to maintain proformance. This includes 5 Levels Of Detail for both the texturs and the mesh. Inspite of this older PCs, especially thoughs with less the 256MG of Ram or less then 128MG vid card might have problems with lag.

3 - Online Multiplayer

As long as you and your opponets intalls are EXACTLY THE SAME this should work online but it has not been tested in multiplayer.

4 - Known Issues

None known. That said if you find any bugs please report them. so I can fix them the next go around.

5 - Disclaimer

As required by the Armada 2 End User License Agreement: -

THIS MODEL(S) IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY Activision TM & (C) & PARAMOUNT PICTURES. None of these individuals or myself can be held liable or responsible for any damage to your computer or install.

6 - Contact

My email is starfox1701@yahoo.com

7 - Distribution/hosting & Commercial use

If you are interested in hosting this file or distributing it in any manner then please contact us.

Hosting, or any other form of distribution is hereby forbidden without prior written permission. The use in Armada II Modifications is allowed as per section 8 below. This mod is strictly for non-profit use. I don't own the rights to all of this stuff and so couldn't give you permission to charge for it even if I wanted too.

The reasons for this are fairly simple

1) We want to know where our files are being downloaded from!

2) We would prefer only having a few download mirrors because its considerably easier to update a smaller number of mirrors.

8 - Third party use

Lastly, the material can be reused in whole or part in Armada 2 Modifications on the condition that ALL ABOVE credits are in your readme. If you wish to convert these graphics to another game then please contact us. (we haven't ever turned anybody down, we just want to keep track of what they are being used for)

All other rights are reserved. This may not be used outside of the Armada II community without prior permission.

If you decide to use our material in an Armada II mod then we would appreciate a quick message via email letting us know that your using it.

If you wish to edit files to suit your Armada II mod then you may do so, in return we ask that you consider sharing your alterations with the Armada II community under the same conditions we make them available to you under, but you have no obligation to do so.

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It's nice to finally see this beast here on A2 File. She looks good, Thanks.
#2 scimifan 2010-10-24 02:53
Yeehaa!!! Rock
#3 TreborYerflap 2010-11-20 15:24
I appreciate the shout out. Your welcome :-)

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