Hydralask Class Hydralask Class

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MPenny2, 2002-11-03

The second of Mpenny2's 4 Klingon ships, it's an interesting design, but like the first, texture could use work.

//////////////////////////////The Klingon Battleship//////////////////////////////////////
/////////////////////////////////The Hydralask Class/////////////////////////////////////////
////////////////////////////////////By Mpenney2////////////////////////////////////////////

This is one of many klingon ships i have recently made. I hope you enjoy using it.

Put the .sod file in the /sod directory
put the .odf file in the /odf/ships directory
put the .tga file in the /textures/rgb directory

put this in gui_global:

# Klingon build buttons

b_khydralask gbkhydralask 0 0 64 64

In the tech1.tt put this:

khydralask.odf 1 kyard2.odf

Add this to kyard2.odf:

buildItemX = "khydralask"

(x being the number in the list)

Made by Mpenney2
Converted by Bryan
hps added by Bryan

Supported by the GenoMteaM (www.genomteam.info)

Any queries email me at Resistance_is_futile269@hotmail.com

This is in no way endorsed by paramount and activision. I tak no responsibility for any damage caused by these files.

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#1 Captain_Reisen 2003-04-09 10:38
Personally, I think the texture look pretty good but that is just my opinion....for what THAT'S worth :roll:

:borg: Resistance is futile :borg:

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