Steamrummer Class Steamrummer Class

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Michael Kelly, 2005-06-03

Steamrunner class by Micheal Kelly, Beautiful ship, just lovely.

Steamrunner Class by Michael Kelly


Place the - .tga files in the Textures/RGB folder
Place the - .sod file in the SOD Folder
Place the - .odf file in the odf/ships folder and overwrite (it's all pretty much the same as the original)

Author's Comments

This is my first resease of a ship that is totally my creation - meaning I did not borrow anything from anyone's mods - and I'm really proud of this one.
I have also scaled her so that she appears more canon size-wise.

Please note that I have added an extra artillery weapon and self destruct.


Model - Me
Textures - Me
ODF - Original except for the weapons and sod scale info.
Texture & model inspiration - Andy "Deemon" Johns

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#11 Doom369 2005-06-09 10:26
Micheal Kelly has done it again this looks beutiful. this should be in Armada 3 .
#12 Shadowy_guy 2005-06-16 15:24
One of the Best Ships I've seen yet. Rock
#13 Gavin1701 2006-07-31 14:43
Yet Another Brilliant Ship 10/10RockRock
#14 CAPTAIN_PINDER 2006-08-01 08:31
a rather nice ship that packs quite a punch in a small fleet (6 or more). it looks awsome, i can't fault it!

10/10 :-) Nice one!
#15 insert_name_heer 2007-12-30 13:31
congrats on your first compleetly origonal mod, and might i say it's also incredibly good.

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