Cardassian Engine Overload Cardassian Engine Overload

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Unknown / Anonymous, 2004-10-20

Adds an Engine Overload Weapon to the Cardassian Galor Class

Galor's Engine Overload readme.

Installation Files include: cbattle.odf, gcwcover.odf (Cardassian Engine Overload), this readme you're reading

OK. First extract cbattle.odf to the File Ships inside the odf folder. Then extract gcwcover.odf in the special weapons folder inside the odf folder. Copy this line to gui_global:
b_gcwcover gbengovr00 0 0 64 64
That is it for gui_global. Then put this in your tech1:
gcwcover.odf 1 carpod1.odf // engine overload (galor class)
Yes this will use the Keldon special weapon pod. Then insert this in fulltech: gcwcover.odf 0 Then copy this in your You should have the Galor class with the Engine Overload.

Yes, you can use it in anything as long as you give me credit. I don't want to register yet okay? Use this name: TheUnknownOne.

Email me at:

I'm including the gui_global,tech1,and fulltech if you didn"t mod the game.

I used Version 1.1 (Armada patch)

This Engine Overload Targets eight ships instead of four ships

Version  1.0  Author  Unknown / Anonymous  Website   
Downloads  385  Size  28.04 KB  Created  2004-10-20 


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