Bussard Collecter Expulsion Weapon Bussard Collecter Expulsion Weapon

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chancellor christian, 2004-10-20

This is a weapon based off the Klingon speical weapon that creates a distructive nebula. Download this, and all you'll need to know is the hardpoint for your bussard collectors.

this is the bussard collecter expulsion weapon.
remember those episodes in tng where somebody ordered
some sort of gas expelled and it came out of those red
things usually on the tips of fed ships? well this is it.
it damages everything , best to use it to clear up all the
lesser ships like destroyers and such.

just put it in the special weapons file and type in fbuss in
any weapon thing
in the odf of the desired ship.
it is balanced well to work in any mod, or even no mod.

Version  1.0  Author  chancellor christian  Website   
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#1 Guest 2004-10-21 07:45
this weapon had and had nothing to do with the klingon weapon.
#2 KP_Prime_Penguin 2004-10-25 06:10
"based off"

Think before you post.
#3 Guest 2004-10-27 02:02
it wasnt based off it either. the klingon weapon is a missle targeted somewhere, its more like the 8472 nebula generater, because it occurs in place, and cannot target
#4 jens8472 2005-06-05 02:11
How do i know what the hardpoint for my buzzard collector is?

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