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Mod.png 8472 Addon

(5 votes)

This seems to be much the same as the recent Cardassian MOD by ArcherScott, just this would be for Species 8472 instead of the Cardassians (obviously)…

 ArcherScott 2007-03-16   171.05 KB 982 Comments: 3

Mod.png Additional Dominion Stations & Workbee Ship

(11 votes)

Here are additional Dominion Stations that can be used in the Dominion Ultimate mod.

 STGamerNew2002 2004-01-21   1.27 MB 2,940 Comments: 9

Mod.png alternate earth 2.1

(2 votes)

I decided to try and improve the original mod,it was lacking in certain areas and extreme in others,hopefully the modifications have improved the over…

 mash1971 2011-01-26   30.70 MB 1,203 Comments: 0

Mod.png Alternate Earth 1.0

(7 votes)

This is a full race mod that serves as a sort of compilation of mash1971's previous work, as well as some fine stuff from beyond.

 mash1971 2008-12-12   37.37 MB 1,142 Comments: 3

Mod.png Antithesis

(39 votes)

Here's something you don't see every entirely new race for A2! IM even wrote a backstory for the race: In 2375 two founders of the Federatio…

 Interstellar Machine 2002-11-17   16.10 MB 4,171 Comments: 24

Mod.png Apocalypse Klingon race

(4 votes)

Klingon Race from Apocalypse.

 Transmission 2005-06-07   3.03 MB 2,369 Comments: 15

Mod.png Apocalypse Romulan race

(12 votes)

Romulan Race From Apocalypse.

 Transmission 2005-06-07   2.22 MB 2,996 Comments: 22

Mod.png Atheros Full Race

(15 votes)

Atheros Full Race Mod. This Adds the Atheros a race I invented to your game, it includes all necessary Stations and Ships, The Class Names are "Famila…

 Sherman2 2005-06-05   12.17 MB 2,319 Comments: 17

Mod.png Borg Incursion 3 (Federation Side Only)

(66 votes)

This is MaP's Borg Incursion 3 fed side! Its sure to be awesome! Download!!!

 Major A Payne 2003-09-05   37.97 MB 8,202 Comments: 46

Mod.png Borg Incusion II Low ResTextures

(4 votes)

These are the low resolution textures for the Borg Incursion II Project

 Major A Payne 2002-06-11   1.92 MB 1,141 Comments: 0